Sandeep Bhandari

Sandeep Bhandari is the founder of website.

I am a professional full-time blogger, a digital marketer, and a trainer. I love anything related to the Web and I try to learn new technologies every day.

All the team management, content creation, and monetization tasks are handled by me. Together with the team at ExactlyHowLong, the aim is to provide useful and engaging content to our readers.

In game development, I love playing with every different engine, toolset, and framework I can find. In digital art, I love everything from painting to vector work to pixel art to 3D modeling.

In short, if it's creative and you can make it digitally, I love it.

How Long is a Decade – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 Years Decade became a part of the English vocabulary in 1590 officially. It is significantly used to refer to every ten years in a century. For instance, the 1680s or 1930s, which denotes the time between 1680-1689. In the Georgian calendar, decades denote different periods. Their calendar has no zero meaning that …

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