¿Cuánto tiempo después de que el perro deja de comer (y por qué)?

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Dogs are one of the animals which hold a special place in human hearts. What’s more, these pets are usually kept for sporting purposes, among other services. No one can dispute the values added by dogs to human lives. Dogs are also good to have for enjoyment and playing purposes.

According to studies, dogs can be a great source of comfort, especially for those who crave unconditional interaction from other living beings. People sometimes get lonely, stressed, or depressed due to several reasons. For such individuals, they can always find solace in dogs. This, therefore, makes dogs one of the virtual pets for homes.

How Long After Dog Stops Eating?

Los perros también ayudan a reducir los niveles de estrés. Como mascota, a menudo es agradable jugar con ellos o incluso hacer algunos excisos. Por ejemplo, cuando está estresado, puede encontrarse caminando o corriendo junto a su perro. Se dice que estos servicios terapéuticos combaten los niveles de estrés en los seres humanos. Además, los perros también brindan cierta sensación de seguridad a los humanos. Cuando están entrenados, los perros pueden proporcionar un alto nivel de seguridad independientemente de su tamaño o raza. Por lo tanto, tener un perro en su casa le garantiza cierta seguridad frente a los intrusos.

Just like humans, dogs, too, need food to survive. Food help provides the energy necessary for body metabolism and other activities such as walking, running, barking, to mention a few. According to research, a healthy dog can take an average of five days without eating. Nonetheless, this does vary according to some factors, such as breed. Different breeds have different survival traits. In other words, they can stay for averagely different periods without eating. We should take a closer look at five breeds and how long they go without eating.

EventosInformación sobre los eventos
Average time without food for a dogDos a tres dias
Maximum time without food for a dogUna semana

A dog can live without food for some time as its body stores nutrients. The average time for a dog to go without food is two to three days. However, a dog can stay without food for as long as one week.

Why Does It Take That Long After Dog Stops Eating?

Labrador retriever is not only intelligent but also strong survivors as well. One key reason for their enormous strength lies in the food they eat. Therefore, if they fail to eat for long, they will suddenly become weak. Generally, Labrador retriever dogs can work to five days without eating, after which their health can start deteriorating and eventually die. alemán shepherds are one of the loveliest dogs to keep. However, due to their huge and heavily built bodies, they need a lot of food to survive. If you notice your dog not eating, the chances are that it has an underlying medical condition. According to vets, these dog breeds can survive up to about six days without eating.

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The appetite level of bulldogs is often unmatched as far as dog breeds are concerned. They need a constant supply of energy for their big bodies. Science has it that bulldogs can go up to six days without eating. Golden retrievers can sometimes become picky or develop some behavior when it comes to eating. In other words, they are generally not good eaters. However, they can take up to one week and a half without food. Beagle is arguably the best house pet dog breed. Due to their small size, they lose much energy to their surroundings. As such, they survive well when there is plenty of quality food. Generally, Beagle can go up to four days with no food.

Dogs stay that long without food because their body stores some nutrients from the food they previously had, which helps them survive for longer durations.


Finalmente, se puede concluir que los perros son una de las mascotas más queridas y preferidas en todo el mundo. Se cree ampliamente que los perros son los mejores amigos de nuestra especie. Con el tiempo, su especie también ha sufrido mutaciones específicas para producir nuevas razas de vez en cuando. Los perros son leales y también brindan seguridad al dueño.

On average, dogs can stay without food for one week. Their body contains many types of nutrients that are utilized when a dog is not eating. They can also survive on water for a few weeks. There are many breeds of available dogs, and each breed can stay without food for different periods.


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