¿Cuánto tiempo después de golpear la cabeza es seguro (y por qué)?

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A lesión craneal is a medical condition that can lead to trauma to parts of the skull or the brain. Scientific terms such as traumatic brain injury are primarily used for referring to such conditions. Head injuries are excruciating and can also result in the death of the patient.

Se ha observado que aproximadamente el tres por ciento del total de casos de traumatismo craneoencefálico en pacientes han resultado en la muerte. Las lesiones en la cabeza se deben principalmente a accidentes o caídas con fuerza en la cabeza. Las agresiones físicas o las peleas y los accidentes de tráfico son los otros contribuyentes importantes a las lesiones en la cabeza.

How Long After Hitting Head Is It Safe?

Head injuries include injuries that occur due to injury after the birth of a child, from a congenital disorder, or may also be caused due to a genetic disorder. If the head injury is not so serious, the patient is advised to rest after getting proper stitches on the head. However, if blood loss due to a head injury is very high, such cases require immediate hospitalization and might need surgery. If the blood loss is not controlled, then the patient will die. ABI or acquired brain injury is the term that is used while differentiating brain injuries.

In most body injuries, the effect can be observed immediately after it, just like in the cases of breaking a bone. But in some cases, it has been found that the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort for few days after getting injured on the head. Internal bleeding might occur very slowly, and it may not be harrowing. In such cases, when the patient realizes that something is wrong, there is already enough damage done. Such cases are termed inconspicuous medical conditions.

Tipo de lésionTime After Injury To Be Safe
Light InjuryDos semanas
Serious InjuryTres meses

In cases of minor or light injuries where the patient doesn’t suffer a lot, recovery can occur in two weeks. However, if the blood loss is too much and the patient can’t regain consciousness, then it may take up to three months or longer, as in the cases of Coma.

Why Does It Take That Long After Hitting Head To Be Safe?

The history of head injuries is not very long because, in earlier times, no medical technologies were available to determine whether there is a head injury or not. The earliest occurrence of head injury was observed in 1848 when a railway worker was working on the railway lines, and tamping iron exploded in an accident and hit his brain badly. He felt normal for the first few minutes, but soon symptoms such as dizziness and vision loss were observed.

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According to the data available in the hospitals, the majority of head injuries are caused due to falling on the head. Physical assaults or getting struck by something also leads to damage to the brain. Motor vehicle accidents are also a massive reason for causing head injuries in many patients. Most head injuries are observed in children below the age of fourteen. Older people aged more than sixty are also prone to head injuries as their reflex action is slow in falls.

It takes that long after hitting the head to be safe because it is one of the most critical parts of the body. Any damage can cause coma as well as death in severe cases. The Head must be observed very precisely, and medical guidance is very crucial in such conditions. Any negligence in such cases can be very painful for the patient, and medical experts should be sought as soon as possible.


En general, se puede concluir que las lesiones en la cabeza son una de las lesiones más dolorosas que le pueden ocurrir a una persona. Los traumas en el cerebro pueden ser insoportables y también pueden ser mortales para el paciente. Las causas importantes de lesiones en la cabeza incluyen accidentes, caídas de cabeza, agresiones físicas y algunas otras.

On average, a person is safe after head injuries after two weeks. But in case of severe damage, it can take up to three months. If the patient is not responding very well, a Tomografía computarizada should be done within one hour to check for internal bleeding. Individuals must take care of their heads as it is one of the most crucial body parts.


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