How Long After LH Surge Do You Ovulate (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 36-40 Hours

LH Surge or Luteinizing hormone is the hormone produced in the female body by the gonadotropic cells that are responsible for the process of ovulation. This hormone is produced in the anterior pituitary gland and is regulated by the hypothalamus. The development of the corpus luteum is also under the process of this hormone.

LH or the interstitial cell-stimulating hormone is also present in males stimulates the production of testosterone and acts alongside the follicle-stimulating hormone. The LH stimulates the production of androgens. LH surge signals that ovulation is about to start releasing a mature egg. The anterior pituitary gland in the brain produces LH. The LH level is less during the monthly menstrual cycle but during the middle of the cycle, the LH surge becomes high.

How Long After LH Surge Do You Ovulate?

SecretionTime period
Minimum24 Hours
Maximum40 Hours

The process of ovulation after the LH surge depends on the secretion of hormones produced by the pituitary gland. These hormones are responsible for the surge and further ovulation. The LH surge on average begins 36 hours after ovulation. When the egg gets released, it survives for 24 hours till the fertile window gets over.

Ovulation is the process when the release of the egg takes place from the human body. Ovulation occurs after 36-40 hours after the blood levels of LH hormone start rising. This process of an increase in the LH hormone responsible for ovulation is called LH surge. Once the egg is released, the egg travels down through the fallopian tube and the egg meets sperm for the process of fertilization.

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A rise in the LH levels occurs when the follicle is ripe and ready for ovulation. Sice, LH is released in a short burst, the LH surge can’t always be predicted from a single test. There are special LH kits available that can detect the change in the level of LH or any surge during the process of ovulation. The urine disposal can detect the surge in LH.

Urine testing for LH should start from 2 days before the expected ovulation date and should be continued till day 20. LH surge is important since it initiates the process of ovulation and the fertile period. The best time to try getting pregnant is during the surge in LH levels that can be tested through special test kits. These kits test the hormone level and indicate the presence or absence of LH surge.

Why Do You Ovulate This Long After LH Surge?

The process of LH surge is responsible for ovulation. Usually, the time for the LH surge depends on how quickly the hormone is released from the brain. The test for the LH surge should be done a day or two before the ovulation occurs. It is advised to tet the LH surge some days before in the mornings to test the LH surge.

Testing of LH is important as it initiates the process of pregnancy. Positive ovulation or LH surge test means that the ovulation will occur in the next 36 hours. Within the next 36 hours, the egg and ovulation process can occur. Timing and scheduling the intercourse around this time to get pregnant is important. After having a positive LH test, the window for fertilization starts taking place.

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The LH surge lasts for a fixed period of time before ovulation. This period is generally different in different females. Depending upon the different processes and the duration when the brain releases the hormones the process of ovulation can occur. It is important to keep trying and have sexual intercourse when positive LH intercourse is recorded.


The cycle of the LH surge can last for different duration in different people. This window is generally for 24-36 hours but the test can be done 2-3 days prior to the ovulation. LH surge is responsible for the initiation of ovulation and hence it becomes a necessary part of the sexual activity of females. Special LH kits are available that can detect the change in the level of LH or any surge during the process of ovulation.


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