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How Long After Plugging Can I Poop (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Usually within an hour

Plugging refers to the insertion of a foreign object in the rectum of an individual. This is usually done to relieve the individual from a persistent condition of constipation. Medically, sometimes drugs are administered to a patient through the anal canal. However, plugging can also be used by addicts as a method of carrying drugs in the rectum.

Similarly, plugging of the anal passage is also used as a stimulating event to elicit pleasure. Thus, plugging is also a part of anal sex routines. However, in all these different types of plugging events, the ejection of fecal matter becomes important, both before and after the act.

How Long After Plugging Can I Poop?

The time frame of pooping after being plugged is dependent on a number of factors. The most important factor is the rationale for using the plugging process. Usually, using anal plugs as sex toys does not lead to pooping afterward. There is no known time frame that correlates the two activities.

When anal plugs are used to help reduce constipation, again the data is uncertain because not many people use anal plugging to solve this issue. Enemas, on the other hand, are more common ways of plugging than others. They consist of a tube and a bag containing the solution.

In most medical scenarios, plugging helps in alleviating constipation. In such cases, enemas are inserted into the patient. Thus, the patient’s rectum is plugged with an enema. This helps ease the bowel movement of the individual in question.

Usually, after an enema is administered to the individual, the solution starts working within an hour. The patient can expect to begin pooping from 5 minutes to an hour of the dosage being administered. It is also important to cognize that pooping after an enema happens over a period of time. The patient may then need to use the restroom multiple times after the process begins.

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It is important to remember that enemas are used to clean the rectum and anus. Their usage might be medically indicated, however, people also use enemas before anal sex. When plugging the anus with addictive substances- an act that is illegal- the patient in question is administer a laxative by the doctor to release the drugs. In such cases, the time frame of pooping is again within an hour.

In summary:

Plugging MethodTime Taken To Poop Afterwards
Enema5 minutes to an hour
Anal PlugsUnknown

Why Does It Take So Long To Poop After Plugging?

Medically, plugging the anal canal is not a frequently undertaken activity. Doctors generally refrain from administering enemas to patients unless their usage is absolutely indicated in the medical history, existing conditions, and symptoms of the patient. There are several risks associated with the use of enemas that deters medical professionals from prescribing them to patients with mild to moderate issues of constipation.

An enema usually takes from 5 minutes to an hour to begin working in the body of a patient because each bowel canal is different. Moreover, each fecal impaction is also different. The water-based solution of chemicals in the enema fills up the rectum of the patient when the plug of the tube is inserted and the bag is pumped. This causes the rectum to stretch and expand, thus, solving the issue of constipation.

For some patients, this can be a fast process. While for others, it may take a little longer. There are very rarely reported cases of anal enemas not working at all. An enema will work in a similar way when it is used to prepare the canal for anal sex. The solution will clean out the anus and the rectum of the individual. Again, the time frame remains the same, just the purpose changes.

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Anal plugs are essentially used to stop anal leakages. They also help will constipation and easing pooping in patients. However, the time taken to initiate pooping in people is unknown. Doctors suggest that the presence of a foreign object in the anal canal usually initiates the desire to expel fecal matter.


Plugging is a term used to indicate a variegated list of actions. In a general sense, it applies to the insertion of foreign material like an enema or anal/butt plug into the rectum of the individual in question. Sometimes these objects are needed to counter and alleviate a medical condition, while at other times, they may simply be used to elicit pleasure.

Nonetheless, in most instances the individual who has been plugged poops within an hour of the insertion of the enema or the plug. Sometimes, this time frame may be altered, but more often than not, it remains hinged around this overall average.