How Long After Using Monistat Can I Pee (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After half an hour

A vaginal infection can be treated in many ways. Among all of them, Monistat is one. It is a well-known and advised antifungal medication, which is used to treat yeast infections or vaginal infections. This helps in reducing the sudden itching and burning one may feel in the vaginal part. This medication contains azole antifungal treatment which works in reducing the growth and spreading of yeasts, or fungus, which is the vital cause of the whole infection.

This whole medicative comes in a treatment combination pack of day and night. This medicine is filled with ointment which one can use while settling on the bed at night for better results.

How Long After Using Monistat Can I Pee?

Time Taking For Complete Cure7 days
Symptoms May Remain ForAt least 3 days

This antifungal vaginal treatment ointment comes in several doses. These doses vary from the highest to the lowest stage. Monistat 1 is the higher dose, whereas Monistat 7 is the lowest dose. But it is necessarily seen in most of the cases that, regardless of whichever dose one may consume, it is okay to pee after that. This comes as one of the symptoms which may feel as like, mild burning on and nearby the applied area, or having itching, irritation on the skin near the vaginal cavity, etc. Apart from all this, it is also normally seen that one may pee more than usual.

This is not a sudden effective medicine, and it may take a while before showing any result. It is mostly found that it may take one to two days, or sometimes three days to provide any proper result. But it is always necessary that one must take all the doses consecutively, regardless of any sudden result. To get a total clinical cure, one must continue the use of the product for all 7 days. Then only it would be fruitful.

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Although this treatment is used in most vaginal infection cases, it still contains a lot of side effects. With the use of this, the itching and burning in the vaginal cavity may increase slowly and one may also have a little headache. The abdominal portion of the body may also get a little cramped and this increases the pain. But after a few moments, these all will get resolved and one can get a sigh of relief.

Why Can I Pee So Long After Using Monistat?

As mentioned earlier, this antifungal treatment is used to treat vaginal infections. This treatment may take a few days to come up with the result, but surely it would make you feel better once its doses are completed. However, one may feel a little urge to pee after applying the ointment in the preferred area. This normally occurs as the ointment releases a little more irritation on the skin and itches, which can create an initial urge to pee. This is seen as a normal symptom in mostly all of the cases, treated with this same phenomenon.

However, some complain as the medicine starts leaking a little after repeatedly every day. As this comes as a single dose cream or tablet for vaginal yeast treatment, it is taken with one take only. The subtle design of the cream makes it stay within the vagina for almost seven days. This takes out the headache of reapplying the cream every day, again and again. However, this cream stays within and works fine.

But after every day, it is a normal process that a little part of it will start getting discharged. But this is never really a matter of concern, as this is quite normal in every case. To notice if the infection is getting better or not, one may also see if the itching has reduced or not. This is the main sign of discomfort. And secondly, the urge to pee again and again may get slowly reduced with every production day. Hence, one may feel a little better and can notice if the vaginal discharge has come to its normal consistency or not.

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Once you start using this, for a minimum it lasts up to three days. Hence there is no need to use it more frequently, or more than once a day. Similarly, the symptoms which include, itching headache, and more urge to pee can last for at least three days and start getting better after that. But if one still feels the same symptoms after the completion of the doses also, which is after 7 days, one must contact the doctor.

However, it is a normal process to get the symptoms, and there is nothing really to worry about. One can pee after just a few hours, post applying the ointment, and have a sigh of relief after a few moments.


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