How Long After Yellow Discharge Is Your Period (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 6 months to 1 year

Vaginal discharge is the production of certain fluids and cells released from the glands in the vagina of a woman’s body. It begins when a girl reaches the onset of puberty. Vaginal discharge is normal and a completely natural way that keeps the vagina healthy and clean by preventing infections. 

Depending on several factors, the color and consistency of discharge vary from Woman to Woman. Like, during the beginning of the menstrual flow; after periods, leading up to ovulation, around ovulation, and finally in the luteal stage. It completely depends upon the changing of hormonal levels and can have a texture from sticky to gooey.

How Long After Yellow Discharge Is Your Period?

In cases of girls about to hit puberty 6 months
In cases of girls who haven’t hit puberty1 year

During the onset of puberty, our body undergoes several changes both inside and out. Having yellowish discharge is most common right before your period.

It’s a good indication that you’re getting close to the time of having your first period. You can notice the discharge of slightly sticky or maybe thick coming from the vagina which indicates the arrival of periods. It can be white or off-white or yellowish in pigment.

In every girl, the menarche begins at the early age of 8 or as late as 15. So, before 6 months or 1 year, they can notice vaginal discharge and also other signs like bloating or pimples and cramps too. It’s natural and normal to have curiosity about getting your periods, but it’s not a thing to worry about.

Yellow discharge is relatively a common color and does not usually cause any panic. Every girl has to confront these bodily changes undergoing in their bodies. You just need to prepare yourself so that you’ll not panic and not get shocked during menstruation. 

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Normally also when having your monthly menstrual cycle you can notice yellowish or off-white discharge before your exact date. That’s because you’re again going to have your periods. This type of discharge is generally noticed for about 13-14 days. And this may be the same sticky and thick but there will be minor discharge in comparison to the ovulation period.

After periods, there may be some kind of brownish discharge that made up due to the old blood leaving the Vagina. That’s not a big deal because it may pass in 3-4 days without discharge.

Why Is Your Period So Long After Yellow Discharge?

During the process of both ovulation and menstrual cycle, women experience thick yellowish or off-white discharge. It takes around 6 months or 1 year before ovulation and 14 days before the normal menstrual cycle.  It’s due to the increased presence of hormones and progesterone in the menstrual cycle.

This discharge is a mixture of mucus and fluids secreted by the vagina. It is common right before your periods because at that time your vagina is producing more mucus which makes it a pale yellow discharge.

As said, it’s a natural process to keep the body clean and flush out all the bacterias which keep the vagina moist. It makes a proper proportion between both the naturally occurring bacteria and yeast which are always present in the vagina. It’s absolutely safe for the body.

Vaginal secretion changes throughout the menstrual cycle and the differences can be easily noticeable at each stage of your monthly cycle, including :

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1. During ovulation – At ovulation, the discharge is typically watery, clear, and thin. Before ovulation, more discharge occurs which is up to 30 times the regular amount.

2. After ovulation – Due to a higher amount of progesterone, the discharge appears white, thick, and sticky. This may last up to 14 days but will be of less amount than there was at ovulation.

3. Just before periods – The color of the discharge before periods is white with a yellowish tint. 

4. Just after periods – The color of the discharge after periods is some brownish tinge because of the remaining old blood in the vagina.


Yellow discharge is a sign that symbolizes nearness to ovulation. Many women are worried about having discharge of different colors and still having numerous doubts and anxiety. Let me say that, it can be a sign of a problem too. It’s better to consult with a doctor if you notice any severe cases. In case you find discharge that’s of brownish or greenish color it may be due to sexually transmitted infections.

In case you find grayish discharge then it may be due to bacterial vaginosis. In case you find pinkish discharge then it may be due to irritation in the vagina, bleeding in the cervix, or implantation bleeding. In case you’re facing any swelling, itching, or redness. In case the discharge is of strong or unpleasant odor. Otherwise, it’s not a thing to worry about discharge – it’s healthy and natural.


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