How Long Do Box Springs Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 10 years

The box springs can last around 10 years if they are maintained properly. These wooden frames are known to support the mattress. They will not only increase the height of the mattress but would provide support to the mattress.

The proper setting of the mattress is important to provide a comfortable sleep to the person. Improper mattress support can host different types of back problems. Many people’s posture gets affected by sleeping on an improper mattress. The box springs are made up of many coils inside the box springs.

This is the reason why box springs will not last for a long time. The quality of box springs plays a vital role in determining how long these box springs can last. Top-quality box springs can last more than 20 years with proper maintainence.

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How Long Do Box Springs Last?

Box SpringsTime
Minimum time10 years
Maximum time20 years

The lasting time of the box springs depends on the construction and manufacturing of the box springs. The wood used for making the box springs should be of premium quality to make them last extremely long. There will be some people who would use low-quality wood for making the box springs. This wood would get weak in 3 to 6 years.

The coils of the box springs would start getting weak after 10 years. The main reason behind the weakening of the coil is constant pressure on it. The box springs are great to work as a shock absorber, but this capability of the box springs would reduce after a certain time period. Then the mattress would not be able to support your sleep.

No person should expect the box springs to last for their whole life. As they are prepared with wood and coils that don’t come with a shelf life of more than 10 to 20 years. The box springs can wear out if the person fails to maintain them. The person is supposed to use mattress covers if the person wants to store the box springs.

When the box springs are stored, don’t place or put a lot of items on them as it would create unnecessary pressure. Putting more weight on the box springs than they can hold would cause them to wear out very quickly. Keep the mattress and box springs clean for avoiding dirt particles.

The box springs generally don’t make any noise when someone sleeps or sits on them. When the box springs are wearing out, then it’s a sign that the box springs will not last long. Sometimes, the steel grid of the box springs would get bend and this indicates the box springs is about to damage.

If someone observes the frame of the box springs is losing their structure, then it’s an indication that they will not last for more than 1 to 2 years.

Why Do Box Springs Last This Long?

Nowadays, the introduction of smart box springs has made the life of people very easy. The steel used for making smart box steel comes with no such time or lifespan. Traditional smart box springs were quite weak as compared to the smart box springs. When the frames come with springs or coils, then the lifespan would be unpredictable.

People who love sleeping at heights would find the box springs very convenient. There will be people who want extra support to make their sleep window more peaceful. These people can use the box springs for extra support for the mattress. The box springs are also known for increasing the ventilation inside the room.

The absorbing impact of the box springs would be a better choice for everyone to protect the mattress. The preparation of box springs plays a vital role in determining their shelf life. If the preparation of box springs is done using good quality materials, then the lifespan would be more than 8 years.


The lifespan of box springs is around 8 to 10 years. Rotation of the mattress is vital and should be done every 4 to 6 months for increasing the lifespan of the box springs. Make sure to rotate the box springs when the person is going to rotate the mattresses. No single part of the box springs should experience extra pressure.

The pressure distribution on the box springs should be always the same to avoid any damage to them.


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