How Long Do Cigars Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 – 5 Years

A cigar in simple terms is a cylinder containing tobacco that is rolled in tobacco leaves and is used by certain people for smoking. Usually, the larger the cylinder of the cigar is, the more expensive it is. Nowadays different shapes of cigars are also available that are carefully rolled. Typically, Cuban cigars are worldwide famous for their earthly flavors.



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Cigars cost higher when it has aged considerably like wine. The longer a cigar has aged, the more intense the flavor and aroma of the tobacco it has. As a result of this, some people who smoke cigars find smoking therapeutic because of the nicotine in tobacco which acts as a mental stimulant and is a strong sedative.

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How Long Do Cigars Last?

Shelf life of cigars2 – 5 years
Shelf life of cigarettes1 – 2 years

The main difference between a cigar and a cigarette is related to the material in which the tobacco is rolled. The tobacco present in cigarettes is wrapped in paper or in a material that does not contain tobacco. On the other hand, tobacco in cigars is specifically rolled in tobacco leaves and hence contains more tobacco.

Cigars are usually larger and thicker in comparison to normal cigarettes which are sold in packs. As a result, since cigars have a high content of tobacco, it makes the person smoking more sedated as a larger amount of nicotine is inhaled.

Some of the major reasons why people smoke cigars relate to the fact that smoking helps such people relieve stress and anxiety. According to smokers, the taste, aroma, and pleasure which the cigars provide are simply unbeatable once a person gets addicted to them.

Cigars smokers enjoy taking puffs of tobacco smoke as it helps them control their mood. However, cigar smoking can cause a lot of health problems like lung and oral cancer. There is always the danger of contracting cardiovascular diseases, risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), etc.

Due to the presence of tobacco, products like cigars retain their absolute freshness for at least a period of 12 to 24 months. However, cigars do not have a short shelf life and thus can even last up to 5 years if stored in suitable conditions.

Why Do Cigars Last So Long?

Cigars are generally not as perishable as fruits or vegetables that get spoiled too soon. Premium quality cigars made with the finest tobacco do last for a very long period without affecting their quality for being smoked by humans. Thus, it can be said just like wine even cigars to age and ameliorate their flavor.

The optimal conditions for storing cigars are at a humidity range of 65 to 72%. One can store their cigars in the best way possible by storing them inside a humidor. A humidor is nothing but a type of airtight container that helps in keeping the cigars moist and smokable.

Hence, it can be said that the shelf life of cigars in certain cases depends on how one used the humidor for storing the cigars. Correct humidity levels are of utmost importance in such circumstances. If all the conditions are controlled properly, cigars can without a doubt last for as long as 5 years without deteriorating in quality.

It is pertinent to remember that the lifespan of cigars depends on atmospheric conditions. A surrounding that is too dry will ultimately cause the cigars to lose their moisture and turn brittle whereas if the atmospheric conditions have a high humidity content then it might cause the cigars to absorb additional moisture and turn soggy.

However, a cigar humidor eliminates the concerns regarding the appropriate humidity levels and helps in prolonging the shelf life of the cigars as in a humidor, the humidity level can be regulated as per one’s requirement. Once calibrated properly, the cigars can last for ages with the help of a humidor.


Cigars smokers love to keep their cigars as fresh as possible for as long as they can. They prefer keeping the cigars in excellent condition to ensure that the premium quality of the cigars is retained and their rich flavor and aroma is not lost in the storage process.

Also, the lifespan of a cigar depends on a variety of factors. Favorable storage conditions assume huge importance in determining how long will a cigar last. If stored inappropriately the cigar might get spoiled in less than a year, but if kept with care, the cigars can last for 5 years or more.


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