How Long Do Coils Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 – 2 Weeks

Vape coils are coils that are wrapped in a spiral shape around one’s electronic cigarette. Such coils form one of the most important components of e-cigarettes. It is popularly used by people who enjoy vaping.

Coils are responsible for the vapor that comes out of the e-cigarette. They heat the e-liquid in the e-cigarette and turn it into vapor. The coils are usually made up of materials that are heat resistant like stainless steel. These coils do not last for a very long time and the coils are required to be changed when the flavor of the e-liquid changes.


How Long Do Coils Last?

Types Of VapersDuration
Heavy vapers5 – 7 days
Moderate vapers1 – 2 weeks
Light vapers2 – 3 weeks

One would be required to replace the coils present in the e-cigarette once the taste of the liquid becomes muted. One can easily identify this as when the coils require a replacement, the vape clouds coming out of the cigarette are considerably reduced in size as compared to how they were when the coils were brand new.

One can also consider changing their coils when one experiences a strange and unusual kind of burnt taste to the vape. As these coils are responsible for heating the liquid in the e-cigarette device, if they require replacement, the liquid would too be impacted and as a result, the user would know that it is time to change the coil.

Typically it is observed that vape coils last for about 7 to 14 days but this cannot be the case for every single type of vaper. Thus, the duration for the coils to last would differ from person to person and their usage of the coils. A person’s vaping habits are also influential in determining how long will the coils last.

Whenever the coil stops functioning properly, it is an indication for the coil to be replaced and this would depend on how long it was in use. It is normal as no vape coils are meant to last forever and thus would require changing depending upon its usage.

For example, if a person vapes a lot, he would be classified as a heavy vaper for whom his coil might last only for a week. On the other hand for a person who is a light vaper, the coil could last for 2 or more weeks.

Why Do Coils Last This Long?

Vaping is considered to be cheaper as compared to smoking from a traditional cigarette. However, one has to incur two recurring expenses each on vape coils and vaping liquid. Thus, it is obvious that one needs to replace their coils after a particular period when the coils stop functioning properly.

However, one cannot accurately determine the exact period for which the coils would last as this depends on several factors like the quality of the coils, the frequency of their use, etc. The life expectancy of coils will vary with each individual and their vaping frequency.

Also, one must clean their vaping device to ensure that the coils are in proper form. Cleaning the device regularly can help the coils to last a bit longer than usual. It helps in expanding the coil’s lifespan as the formation of debris is lessened.

However, not doing so can directly have an impact on the lifespan coil and in such a case, one might be needed to replace it sooner than it should have been changed. Similarly, just as cleaning is essential to prolong the life of coils, proper maintenance of the vaporizers and other vaping accessories is also important.

Different types and brands of vaping coils would require different types of cleaning. Also, cleaning would ensure that the thin layer of residue that is often left behind by e-liquids gets removed and is no longer clogging the device. This would eventually be helpful for the coils to run longer.


On average, coils are said to last for 2 weeks. However, it could vary depending on the person using it. If a heavy vaper is using it frequently then the coils will last only for a few days, but if a person uses it quite rarely, then the coils may last for a few weeks or even months.

However, a moderate vaper should replace the coils every 1 – 2 weeks. Some of the common signs which indicate that the coils need replacement are getting a burnt taste after vaping, bubbling noise, weak flavor, reduced vapor, a leaking device, etc. If such indications are noticed, one should immediately change or replace the coils.

Also, to prolong the life of coils, one can ensure to keep the vaping device clean. Regular cleaning could also help in elongating the life of the vaping coils.


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