How Long Do Concerts Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 2 hours

The length of the concert would depend on the type of concert. Someone going to a rock concert will see the same type of running order of the show for all concerts. There are a few guidelines and rules that are supposed to be followed for organizing a concert.

The concert should happen following the setlist. The setlist works as a blueprint for the organization of any concert. The concert would be around 2 hours. There will be some concerts which take around 90 minutes.

There are some bands that follow the setlist strictly without any change or modification. The bands can always modify the setlist if they wish. If there is any new song of the band, then they can play it in the concert by modifying or removing a few songs in the setlist.

How Long Do Concerts Last

How Long Do Concerts Last?

Concerts How Long Do Concerts Last
Minimum time90 minutes
Maximum time2 hours

For the festivals or short tours, the band would repeat the same music. As the band has to cover many dates in a short time period. Changing the setlist repeatedly will cause confusion. The demands of fans are the most important factor that should be considered by the bands.

If the artist is willing to promote a new song or an album. Then the setlist would contain most of the songs from the album. During tours, the artist will do very few modifications to the setlist. This change or modification done to the setlist is for showing the variety to the audience.

Before a concert, there may happen a voting poll for knowing the demand of fans. The fans can vote out for the songs or albums they prefer in the concert. Some bands will prepare the setlist by including songs from one single album.

The concerts with more number of songs would take more time. The band should always know the value of the song before involving it in the setlist. There are some bands that will complete the concert in just 30 minutes. These bands include songs that are extremely short.

For example, a band like “The Ramones” would be able to complete the concert in just 30 minutes. On the other hand, band-like “Guns N’ Roses” would have longer concert times as compared to others.

This is because the length of songs in “Guns N’ Roses” is quite lengthier than other bands with short songs.

Why Do Concerts Last This Long?

The work of the artist would play a vital role in determining the length of the concert. The artist whose many songs have come will have a lot of options for making the setlist. The beginners with very less number of album or songs will have very limited options for the setlist.

The duration of the concert depends on the experience of the artist as well. The artist with good experience, reputation, and big album collection will have a long concert duration. The genre of the songs in the setlist would also affect the time duration of the concert.

The concert would be short if the genre of songs would be sharp and short. If the pace of the songs is faster, then the length of the concert would be shorter. The genre of the songs would direct how the song is supposed to be played by the artist.

Some bands supply the encore which would make the concert extremely long. The artist would always decide for how long they wanted to play the album. Most of the concerts to reach the professional standard should keep the concert for around 90 minutes long.


The time duration of the concert would get affected by the setlist, genre of the song, artist performance, and audience demand. The people may get to see the setlist of the concert by checking it’s online.

The opening acts of the concert would affect the time duration of the concert. The acts between the concerts would increase the time duration.


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