How Long Do Honda Civics Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 To 20 Years

Hundreds of models of cars were manufactured over the years, some are still in use, and some are not. Some cars made history, while some didn’t even exist according to many. There are a lot of factors that determine how well a car runs, and why people prefer to buy that car.

Since cars were invented for travel, it has been modified a lot and the level of evolution is immaculate. Cars are bought based on their prices if they are cost-friendly or eco friendly, maintenance cost, and finally, the average duration or number of miles it lasts with or without taking care of it.

Every car is different in its way, but certainly, there will be similarities between cars manufactured by the same company. Companies like Tesla and BMW are known for making cars with great design and modern technology, but some companies have been in the field since the beginning of time, and one of them is Honda.

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How Long Does Honda Civics Last?

The lifespan of Honda CivicsTime
The minimum lifespan of Honda Civics is10 years
The average lifespan of Honda Civics is15 years
The maximum lifespan of Honda Civics is20 years

Honda, otherwise known by its industrial name, Honda Motor Company, Ltd. was first founded in 1946, October. It was later incorporated in 1948, and it has been more than seven decades since.

Since 1959, Honda has been the largest manufacturer of motorcycles and quality internal combustion engines. They have produced around 400 million motorcycles according to the survey conducted during 2019 and the numbers have increased since then.

Honda is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Japan and around the world and it was one of the first companies to release a luxury brand by the name of Acura. Honda has many divisions which include the major ones like Honda Motorcycles, Honda Automobiles, Honda Aircraft Company, and of course, Acura.

One model of Honda is Honda Civic, and though the car was first manufactured in 1972, it is still bought by many. The car was manufactured as a Subcompact car till 2000 since it was first released and now is being manufactured as a compact car.

Why Do Honda Civics Last That Long?

The most notable feature of this model is that, though the car has very few dimensions, the inside of the car is very spacious and the model is very reliable. The car is very fuel-efficient, and also eco friendly, and has been popularly known and bought for its sportiness and its impeccable performance.

It is one of the most widely bought cars in the world, and according to a census conducted during 2020, the Honda Civic still stands sixth in the list of best-selling automobiles all over the world. According to Honda, more than 17 million Civics have been sold since it was first manufactured.

The minimal lifespan of Honda Civics even without maintaining them is 10 years, and the average lifespan is around 12 to 15 years. When maintained properly, the car can last up to 20 years without any issues.

The lifespan of a car can be calculated using the duration it stays in a good condition without any problems, and also the number of miles it runs before serious issues start rising or the car stops altogether.


Before it needs to be retired, Honda Civics can run for about 200,000 to 300,000 miles and how long the Civic lasts can also depend on which model it is.

The car can be kept even after 300,000 miles but would need intense maintenance and repairs. An average owner drives the car for about 13,000 to 14,000 miles every year. There are ways to make the car last longer. Changing the fluids often, getting it serviced annually implies a great difference.

When it is maintained in a good condition, the car can be even sold for a good price after 15 years. When replacements are required, it is better to change the old, broken parts with high-quality replacements to ensure longevity. Smoothly driving the car is also very important, never drive the car aggressively. Avoiding many rash stops and starts can help in maintaining the brake pads of the Civic.


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