How Long Do Watch Batteries Last (And Why)?

Exact Answers: 2 To 5 Years

Some appliances have been with man since the beginning of time, while some were discovered and invented later. Watches were certainly one of those things that everybody uses since it came into existence. Watches are practically one of the most used things in the world right now, and will always be.



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During old times, humans learned to determine time just by looking at the sun and the moon and they calculated seasons and literally anything based on what te nature provided them with. Yet now, hundreds of scientists worked on calculating time more easily and finally discovered that a day equals 24 hours, which is split into morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

After time was discovered, the scientists started working towards a way that will help them mark downtime. That’s when watches and clocks were invented. At first, clocks were huge and could only be placed in hallways in big houses and mansions, but later after much changes, the size of the clocks started getting smaller and smaller. They were made into various shapes and were hung on walls.

Yet later, technology developed a great deal, and wristwatches were created. They could be worn on wrists, but then, clocks were incorporated into phones and some electronic appliances run by software, like laptops and computers.

How Long Do Watch Batteries Last

How Long Do Watch Batteries Last?

The lifespan of watch batteriesTime
The lifespan of watch batteries in old watches14 to 18 months
The lifespan of watch batteries in new watches2 to 4 years
The minimum lifespan of watch batteries1 year

Digital watches and electronic watches are now being sold all over the world, and there are hundreds of companies that manufacture watches. Some clocks and watches require batteries to run, while some don’t. Before someone buys any kind of watch, they should know how long the battery will last.

According to watch companies, watch batteries usually last for about 2 to 5 years. The life of watch batteries depends on the type of batteries, watches, and many others. It also depends on the dimensions, the different functions available in watches, and how much battery they consume.

The lifespan of batteries in old watches is around 14 to 18 months, which means they can last for about 1 to 2 years without stopping. When the battery dies, the watch stops working. On the other hand, new batteries do last for about 2 years if they are low quality, but premium quality ones do last more than 2 years.

Why Do Watch Batteries Last That Long?

For example, chronographic watches consume a higher level of energy than those watches that show only the hours, minutes, and seconds. There are even watches that show if their battery is dying as the second-hand jumps in the intervals between several seconds. Sometimes, the watch might start slowing down and will display the wrong time.

When a watch does this, it means that the batteries must be replaced soon or the watch will stop. There are different types of batteries but some of them even last longer than the rest, like lithium-iodine batteries. According to sources, lithium-iodine batteries last for around 10 years without having to be changed or repaired.

Never leave old batteries in watches for too long, because the acid in the batteries might start leaking and this can corrupt and damage the watch. The lifespan of watch batteries can even be determined by the price they are sold at. Some cost more while some batteries cost less, because they only last for a year at most, and after that, they must be replaced.


When a battery doesn’t even last for a year, it is time the owner gets the watch serviced instead of buying new batteries. Some watches are water-resistant, so when these watches are put into the water by mistake, they can be salvaged. Although, watches that are not resistant will cease to work when they are put into water, and after that, the watches must be cleaned well and the batteries should be replaced.

When a person wants a watch that lasts long, they should buy the ones that just show the time and not have chronograph timers and LED displays. According to facts, alarms, backlights, and anything else in a watch can reduce its battery level by 50%. Keep the watches away from water and put in premium watch batteries, and they will last longer than 2 years.


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