How Long Does A Broken Ankle Take To Heal (And Why)?

How Long Does A Broken Ankle Take To Heal (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 – 8 Weeks

An Ankle is a region that is found at the juncture of the leg and foot. It includes the parts of the foot closer to the body to the heel and the upper surface of the feet. Typically the injury faced in this region is a broken ankle or dislocation of the ankle.

A fractured or broken ankle is a condition where the ankle bone has experienced an injury. It is caused due to some direct accident directly to the ankle or when the ankle experiences a sudden but powerful twist that results in a fracture in the ankle bone.

The most common causes of a broken ankle involve injuries due to accidents like car accidents, unintentional trips, falls, and missteps, etc. All such accidents can result in a twisting injury that can break the ankle or cause fractures in them.

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How Long Does A Broken Ankle Take To Heal?

The time taken by a broken ankle to heal and get back to normal can depend on various factors but the most important aspect to consider in this regard would be the seriousness of the injury. The gravity of a broken ankle could range from simple cracks on the ankle bone to actual fractures that break the ankle.

Depending upon the severity of the condition, the healing period might differ. A severely broken or injured ankle could even require surgery or implantation of plates, rods, or screws into the broken bone to ensure that the ankle is in the correct position for its recovery and healing. When elaborate procedures are involved in the treatment of a broken ankle, it could take a longer recovery period for such an ankle to heal.

On average, a broken ankle takes about 6 weeks for the broken ankles to heal and become the way they were before the injury. However, this is just a rough estimate. The actual duration would be based on the time taken by injured ligaments and bones to mend and heal again. The healing of a broken can even take 8 weeks or longer if the fractures are very severe and require surgery.

Type of FracturesDuration
Simple fractures3 – 5 weeks
Complicated fractures requiring surgeryUp to 8 weeks or longer

Why Does It Take So Long For A Broken Ankle To Heal?

The healing period directly depends on the gravity of fractures on the ankle bone and also on the age of the person who has sustained such injury. Healing of the ankle bone would depend on the type, location of the injury, complexities, and treatment undergone for recovery for the ankle break.

Simple fractures that result in twists in the ankle or minor cracks on the ankle bone take a shorter duration to heal in comparison to major fractures. Simple fractures are those where the ankle bones are correctly lined up, although broken. Such types of fractures heal in a normal fashion and need only rest and protection during the recovery period. Such fractures might not require surgery as the bones are already in their correct position.

However, in cases of complicated fractures i.e. fractures that are severe and require surgery as the injury to the bone is intense. In such cases, the healing will lengthen due to the need for the person to undergo surgery to treat the broken ankle.

To recover faster from the injury and to ensure that the recovery process is pain-free, patients should take care to follow all the instructions of the doctor to the T to make themselves heal faster and quicker. One must return to strenuous physical activities only after the doctor has allowed doing so after the ankle is completely healed. Always look out for any complications and call the doctor immediately for any concerns to prevent any delay in healing.


An ankle can become broken due to a variety of reasons like car accidents, falls, missteps, trips while walking, or climbing stairs, etc. The time for healing a broken ankle depends on the severity of fractures on the bone and the exact site of injury.

Simple and minor fractures can take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to heal, on the other hand, complicated breaks requiring surgery can take up to 8 weeks or longer to heal as the surgery affects the duration of time for the healing process. Also, ensure to take steps to prevent and future injuries by always staying alert and eating a balanced diet to make sure that the bones have enough calcium and vitamin D in them.


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