How Long Does A Car Wrap Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 7 years

A good quality car wrap would last around 6 to 7 years. There are many types of car brands. Some car wraps would offer the customization option to the owner. The car wrapping makeover of the car would stay for a long time if handled properly by the owner.

Many people choose a similar color car wrap for the vehicle. Some people choose different colors to give a new makeover to the car. The person may use car wraps for covering the full vehicle or can use them to cover some parts of the car.

The car wrap is not like a sticker but is fitted using some mechanism. The heat treatment is used to complete the car wrapping process. The car wrap’s lasting period depends on how the person maintains the car wrapping.

How Long Does A Car Wrap Last

How Long Does A Car Wrap Last?

Car WrapHow Long Does A Car Wrap Last
Minimum lasting period5 years
Maximum lasting period7 years

There are various conditions and factors that will predict how long the car wrap would last. Factors such as the vehicle’s condition and how someone cleans the car would make a huge impact on the shelf life of car wrap. Rust can destroy the quality of the car wrap.

Rust and chipped paint would create a lump in the car wrap. Abrasion can be another reason for the damage of car wrap. Any minor cuts to the car wrap can completely damage the whole car wrap. If anybody uses the brush to wash the car, then this can scratch the car wraps.

To prevent any damage to the car wrap, it’s best to hand wash the car. Automatic car washes are not safe for car wraps. As, if any part or area of the car is cut or damaged, then automatic wash would make it worse.

Pressure washing should not be done, as it would decrease the shelf life of the car wrap. The use of Turbo pressure nozzles and high-intensity water pressure can disturb the condition of the car wrap. People with car wraps should not wash the vehicle on a daily basis.

Everyone should try to wash the car by hand washing method once a week. The use of a non-abrasive cleaning agent would be more helpful to protect the car wraps.

Car wraps can get damaged after accidents. If the person hits the car that would cause damage to the car. Rock salts present on the roads in the winter can also cause the car wraps to get damaged very early. The lasting period of car wraps can be increased if the person takes care of it regularly.

Why Does A Car Wrap Last This Long?

The vinyl car wrap is considered a great choice for long-lasting usage. The lasting period of car wraps depends on the bonding between the auto body and wrap. If the bonding between the wrap and auto body is weak, then the lasting period would be less than 5 years.

The luster of the car wrap should be maintained properly to make it shine for a long time. There will be some car wraps that can stand the exposure of the elements, but not for a long time. Heat exposure would start using the quality of the car wrap, if not maintained regularly.

The owner should avoid using high-temperature water to wash the car. It is vital to place the vehicle in a normal temperature area to avoid heat exposure. There is some protective coat available in the market that will protect the car wrap.

Wax polish is not a good choice as a protecting coat for the matte-finished car wraps. Everyone can use the most suitable protecting coats according to the requirement. Silicone polishes are a great protective coat option for many types of car wraps.


The lasting period of car wraps would be around 7 years. The owners have to maintain the quality of the car wraps by talking to professionals. Sometimes, the owner may have to replace the car wraps if they start developing blisters or bubbles.

It’s important to get high-quality car wraps as they would have a long-lasting period.


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