How Long Does A Factory Reset Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 to 30 minutes

The factory reset is a built-in function that comes in any gadget if it’s a desktop, smartphone, or some other, that utilizes designed programming to delete the sources of data on the desktop or such device’s onboard memory. The term “factory reset” refers to the process of returning the system to the condition it was in when it was initially sent from the manufacturer. It resets the machine to its factory default settings.

It is useful for resolving big program faults or problems with the software. It also can assist to renew a strong link between both the equipment and the Os, allowing the software to perform as quickly and as reliably as it was while it was new.

How Long Does A Factory Reset Take

How Long Does A Factory Reset Take?

ConditionsTime taken
Laptop15 to 20 minutes
Windows 830 minutes

It takes about 10 to 30 minutes to perform a factory reset. However, before you begin the entire operation, you need to take certain precautions. This assures that you will not lose any private data when the factory reset is completed.

It is simple to perform a factory reset. It is the most evident advantage of using this approach of data erasure. Everything is gone with a single click of a button. When it comes to conformity and comfort, that is something that almost everyone can do.

Several factors influence the length of time it takes to perform a factory reset:

  • Take your SD card out of your device – Because a factory reset erases all data on your SD card or hard drive, it might have an impact on your film. As a result, before formatting the workstations, you should remove the hard drive and SD card. This will decide the length of time it takes to repair your equipment.
  • Your device battery should be charged to more than 75%-  It is a critical aspect to consider when performing a factory reset. Your gadget may turn off during the factory reset procedure if you don’t charge it properly. As a result, it simply means that you will have to repeat the entire process once your computer has been fully charged. As a result, this will take you longer than you think, possibly long enough to finish the procedure.
  • Make a copy of your file- It is suggested that you back up your files whenever you perform a factory reset to avoid data loss. This implies that all of your information will be deleted from the gadget, and it will appear as if you purchased a new one at the store. To minimize all of these hazards, it is best to leverage data to protect crucial ones.

Resets from the factory aren’t always successful. They do not remove everything from the PC. The data will remain on the hard disc. Because of the design of hard drives, this form of deletion does not indicate that the data stored to them has been erased; rather, it indicates that the information can no longer be retrieved by the system.

Why Does A Factory Reset Take So Long?

Factory resets require a specified amount of time owing to numerous variables, including:

  • Power availability – Power is critical to ensure that the system restore occurs. To complete the procedure, you need to make sure your smartphone is fully charged. This will indicate whether the procedure takes a short or long time to finish.
  • Competence – It is critical to have system restore abilities and expertise; not everyone is equipped to do this procedure. As a result, you need to be more careful about who performs procedures on your equipment. It will assist you to prevent causing harm to your computers, and it will explain why it may take ages to reset your system.
  • Hard disks and storage card accessibility – The availability of resources define why the procedure will take a specific amount of time to complete. In most cases, you will have to wait even longer for the organization to purchase backup resources before the procedure can begin. As a result, this is also critical in the whole process.

If you have a pressing need to permanently delete the files and data, including when selling it, you might consider paying a professional to do so. There are additional applications available that are meant to erase the memory. This is referred to as effective wiping and complies with regulatory cleanliness regulations.


Having a secondary strategy in place is always a smart idea. If you wish to restore your device because your operating system is inefficient or you’ve got malware, make a backup first. If you don’t back up and have conducted a reset, you should use Data Retrieval Wizard as early as possible to restore lost data.

Several variables influence how long it takes to do a factory reset. It may take a bit longer to completely reset a device that has been in use for a long moment and been open over several years than a MacBook that was just opened.


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