How Long Does A Silk Press Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 2 Weeks 

A silk press is a hair treatment that uses heat and moisture to straighten curly or wavy hair. The name comes from the silk fabric used to wrap the hair after it has been styled. This helps to lock in the moisture and keep the style looking sleek and shiny.



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One can do a silk press at home with a few simple tools or go to a salon for more professional treatment. If one is doing it themself, start by shampooing and conditioning the hair as usual. 

Apply a heat protectant product, then section the hair into small pieces using a flat iron to straighten each piece. 


How Long Does A Silk Press Last?

Silk press lasts for2 weeks
Silk press process2 to 2 ½ hours

A silk press on hair can last up to 2 weeks. It is a type of treatment that uses silk strands, usually in conjunction with heat styling, to create a temporary hold for one’s style. 

The process is very similar to blow-drying one’s hair, but it has more texture than just air drying it straight or curling it around rollers. 

Hair becomes smooth and sleek while still retaining its natural body and movement without becoming frizzy or feeling heavy after application. 

Silk presses are great for creating an editorial look that commands attention without taking too much time out of the day. They’re also perfect if one wants volume at the bottom section of the braids without having them stick out too much.

It also depends on the quality of silk, how tightly it is packed, and the pressing technique. The average lifespan of a silk press can be anywhere from 2 weeks with regular use. 

Also, the amount of time it lasts will depend on the type of hair one has, how often one uses it, and the individual usage habits. It’s best to start with a low usage level (once or twice per week) to get an accurate gauge of how long the Silk Press will last before increasing this frequency if necessary.

Some benefits of a silk press include:

  1. It leaves one’s hair looking sleek and polished.

2. The technique helps to reduce frizziness and makes the hair more manageable. 

3. It helps to make one’s curls appear more defined and less kinky. 

4. The service can help to extend the life of one’s natural curls 

Why Would A Silk Press Last So Long?

A Silk Press is a type of hair straightening service that uses a technique of pressing and folding the hair while hot combing it to achieve a straight appearance. It’s usually performed on natural hair that has been washed and blow-dried. The resultant style is sleek, smooth, and lasts for several days.

It is also a type of hair straightening that uses very low heat and leaves the hair looking and feeling incredibly shiny and smooth. Unlike other types of straightening, a silk press doesn’t use aggressive heat to break down the hair’s natural texture. It works by sealing natural oils and protecting the hair from damage.

Silk presses last so long because they don’t involve any harsh chemicals or heat, dry out and damage the hair. They also make it easy to style one’s hair without using additional products. If one takes care of their hair properly with regular deep conditioning treatments, a silk press can last up to 2 weeks.

Here are some tips for achieving a long-lasting silk press:

1. Make sure the hair is completely dry before starting.

2. Section the hair into small subsections and work in small batches so the heat can penetrate evenly.

3. Use a good quality conditioner to help protect hair from the damage caused by the straightening irons.


A silk press is an important step in the hair care process for women because it helps to prevent dryness and breakage. It also helps to seal in moisture and make the hair more manageable.

The key to getting a good silk press is using a quality heat protectant product, applying the heat evenly, and keeping the heat at a low temperature. 

If done correctly, a silk press can help to reduce frizz, make the hair more manageable, and improve its overall appearance.


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