How Long Does Cannabutter Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 months

Cannabutter is one of the best butter that can add different flavors to the food. Weed or cannabutter is a good combination of Marijuana and butter. The flavors and presence of cannabis make the butter more renowned in today’s world. The cannabutter is used for making cookies and many other food items.

The infusion of the cannabutter with the CBD flowers would make it have a shorter shelf life. The shelf life of cannabutter would be around 3 months if stored properly under favorable conditions. People are fond of the texture and flavors of cannabutter.


How Long Does Cannabutter Last?

In months3 months
In weeks12 weeks

The cannabutter would last for a long time if they are protected from heat, sunlight, and moisture. Everyone should follow proper storage techniques safety methods to make the cannabutter last for around 3 months. The cannabutter would last long if they are stored in the fridge or freezer.

Room temperature would not help the cannabutter to last more than a few hours. Inside the freezer, the cannabutter would last for more than 5 to 6 months. The best part about the cannabutter is that its quality would not get affected if it is stored for months inside the freezer.

Nobody should store the cannabutter inside the doors of the fridge. As in the doors of the fridge, the temperature fluctuation would bring spoilage symptoms in the cannabutter. The potency and working power of the cannabutter would not get reduced if they are kept prevented from the virus and bacteria.

Cannabis-infused edibles or the cannabutter should not be stored in hot places as it would decrease the shelf life of the butter. The store-bought cannabutter would come with an expiry date that everyone can refer to before predicting its shelf life.

If the cannabutter is stored in the freezer and has not developed any type of spoilage symptoms, then cannabis can be used by the person after the best before date. People should reheat the cannabutter in the microwave before using it in the recipes after taking it out from the freezer.

Why Does Cannabutter Last This Long?

The health benefits of the cannabutter are huge. The benefits of the cannabutter would be seen in reducing the risk of cancer. The cannabutter is extremely beneficial in helping people with sleeping disorders. Nobody should overconsume the cannabutter, as it may have repercussions.

Everyone should see the condition of the cannabutter before consuming it as some cannabutter may have gone rancid. Everyone can use ice trays for storing the cannabutter. Storing the cannabutter in the ice trays inside the freezer would increase its shelf life.

In winters, the cannabutter would stay fresh for around 3 to 4 weeks in cool temperature places. Moisture exposure can degrade the quality of the cannabutter which would reduce the shelf life of the butter. People should cut the butter from the middle to check if any mold has formed or not.

If they found any mold formed in the butter, then the butter should not be consumed. Everyone can use air-tight containers or sealed containers to store the butter inside the fridge or freezer. The ice crystals can be formed in the cannabutter if stored in the freezer without being stored in the sealed container.

People can use the parchment paper to wrap or seal the cannabutter to make it last for 3 to 6 months. The cannabutter at room temperature may not last for more than 2 to 3 weeks. In summers, the cannabutter would not last longer than 1 to 3 hours at room temperature.


The person can use cannabutter in all the recipes that require normal butter. The shelf life of cannabutter in-room temperature would be less than the cannabutter in the fridge or freezer. If the butter is placed facing directly towards the sunlight, then it would not last for more than a few minutes or hours.

Maintaining the hygiene of the place where butter is stored is important for maintaining the freshness of the cannabutter. People should store cannabutter separately to maintain its health benefits, texture, and taste.


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