How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1/2 Inch Per Month

The American Academy of Dermatology says that hair grows about 1/2 inch per month on average. That’s a grand total of about 6 inches per year for the hair on the head. Hair growth will depend on age, specific hair type, overall health, other health conditions.

Science has discovered a little bit about how hair growth is controlled at the cellular level in the body, but not enough to know how we can directly speed up hair growth. Read on to learn about the science behind hair growth and how to use that knowledge for healthier hair.

How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow?

Hair grows in three stages, and each strand of hair follows its own timeline. These three stages are, anagen: active growth phase of hair that lasts 2-8 years, catagen: transition phase where hair stops growing, last 4-6 weeks, telogen: resting phase where hair falls out, lasts 2-3 months

The average scalp has 90-95 percent of the hair follicles in the anagen phase. This means about 5-10 percent are in the telogen phase, which accounts for the 100-150 hairs that fall out every day.

How long the anagen phase lasts depends on how long the hair is and if the cells in the follicle base are continuing to multiply and become hair cells. Hair grows because matrix cells shed some of their structure as they reach the upper follicle. The shed structure combines with keratins to form hair strands that exit the skin’s surface.

Hair is made up of keratin and dead skin cells. While there’s no direct method to make the hair grow faster overnight, there are steps people can take to keep the hair healthy and long. Talk to your doctor before trying supplements such as biotin, keratin, or other nutritional supplements. They may interact with medications and cause unintended side effects.

While many companies promote vitamins or supplements for hair growth, they don’t always directly affect hair length. But the body does require a lot of energy to make the hair grow. Missing out on balanced meals and nutrients can affect hair growth.

Hair growthTime taken
0.5 cms1 month
2 cms4-5 months

Why Does It Take So Long For Hair To Grow?

People should avoid applying essential oils directly to their skin. They can dilute the oil with a few drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. Two other oils that may help include rosemary and peppermint oil. It’s best to get the vitamins and nutrients from the diet, but supplements can include, putting a few drops into the shampoo or dilute it with jojoba oil. One study showed that pumpkin seeds increase hair count for men with hair loss by 40 percent.

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While the trials have been animal studies, results suggest that these oils may benefit hair growth, they can also mix these essential oils with other carrier oils that  hair damage, such as coconut, sunflower, mineral, castor

There aren’t many studies on the effects of protein, keratin, and vitamins on hair health. One study looked at a product that had 500 milligrams of keratin and other vitamins and minerals. The group that took the supplement showed, 12.5 percent reduction in hair loss, 5.9 percent improved in hair strength, improved hair brightness, and luster

Protein helps the hair grow and protects it from chemical and environmental damage. If a person style or apply heat to his hair often, using a protein treatment can protect his hair. People can purchase these online or use coconut oil at home. Coconut oil helps protein lost both before and after washing hair.

Too much protein can affect your kidneys. It may also cause the hair to become brittle, although this is rare. It’s best to get protein from the diet and not supplements. People can get protein from vegetables, nuts, yogurt, and other food.


Factors that affect hair growth can include genetics or family history of hair loss, hormonal changes, lack of nutrition, medications, stress, the trauma that damages follicles, other diseases or conditions.

It’s also important to note that if people are experiencing unexplained and severe hair loss, people should schedule a checkup with their doctor, as certain illnesses and health conditions can cause hair loss.


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