How Long Does It Take To Get Used To New Glasses (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Days – 2 Weeks

Glasses are like best friends for those who are unable to see well. A pair of glasses becomes a necessity for such kinds of people. Glasses enable people to view the world with a clearer perspective by viewing everything in focus.

However, along with the excitement that comes with trying a pair of new glasses, initially, people are unable to adjust to it properly. This happens because the eyes undergo a drastic change from not being able to see properly to being able to see every little thing in great detail with the help of glasses. In such a case, eyes might take time to adjust to this new change.

When a person remains without glasses for a long duration and has some defect in their vision, they unintentionally become accustomed to not being able to see properly. Hence, later when the doctor prescribes glasses for a clearer vision, their eyes might feel a little uncomfortable with the change of being able to see everything so distinctly without any pressure on the eyes to focus on things. Thus, it could take a few days to a few weeks to get used to new glasses that help to see better.

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To New Glasses?

Eye strain that is caused due to trying to focus on a particular thing for too long might give people headaches. To avoid and overcome this, glasses have been the greatest invention that is tremendously helping mankind. Vision distortion can also be corrected with a pair of correct power glasses prescribed by a doctor.

Every change takes time and so do our eyes when given a new perspective to look from. This happens with people who have never worn glasses before and also with people for are prescribed new glasses with a different power as opposed to their older glasses.

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Hence, when prescription changes or one has just bought a pair of brand new glasses, it is very likely that one would require time to adjust. This adjusting time could be a few hours for some or a few days and even a few weeks for others. As every person is unique and so are their eyes, the time taken by each person to adjust to the new setting will differ accordingly.

On average, it is observed that people could take as little as 2 days to as long as 2 weeks to get adjusted to their new glasses. This adjusting period could be quite uncomfortable and could be accompanied by blurry vision, uneasiness, or even headache for a while. However, one should remember that this is normal, and should not give up on their glasses. All these issues eventually get sorted out when one starts wearing them continuously for a few days.

Switching to new glasses with new or changed prescription2 – 7 days
Switching to new glasses with a new type of lens, such as progressive lens or bifocals7 – 14 days

Why Does It Take So Long To Get Used To New Glasses?

Whether one is simply trying out new glasses or if the prescription of the old glasses changes, the new glasses bought will certainly differ in some factors that the eyes are not familiar with. It takes time to get familiarized with new things and thus, no one gets extremely comfortable with new glasses immediately after one has worn them.

The problem of adjustment to new glasses is particularly prominent in those who have been prescribed glasses with high power as the change the eyes experience is comparatively great. There is more clarity in the vision than before and thus, one might feel eye strain in the first few initial days after wearing them.

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Some of the most common problems experienced by people while getting used to their new glasses are blurry vision, vision distortion, eye strain, dizziness, headache, and nausea. However, people should remember that there is nothing wrong with their new glasses and these issues will go away after a period of usage of the new glasses. So concluding that the new glasses are a wrong fit and are not working is completely incorrect if the glasses are prescribed by a good eye specialist.

Giving time up to a few weeks to one’s eyes to adjust and get used to is the key to feeling comfortable in one’s new glasses. By wearing the glasses regularly and not going back and forth with one’s old glasses will help one’s eyes to get used to the new lenses faster.


A new pair of glasses might feel uneasy at first but eventually, with time, gets comfortable. It could take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks for any person to get used to their new glasses. This happens as the glasses might have a new or changed prescription with which one’s eyes might be unfamiliar. Thus, one might experience certain issues while adjusting to one’s new pair of glasses but generally, within 2 weeks, one gets accustomed to their new glasses providing enhanced clarity.


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