How Long Does it Take to Get Your GED and Why?

Exact Answer: 90 minutes

The term GED usually stands for General Education Development or General Education Diploma. It contains tests that are grouped into four subjects. When a taker of these tests passes them, he/she is provided with certification that the individual has academic skills for high school level in the United States or Canada.

The GED is a test that is recognized internationally. In the United States, the test is regarded as an alternative to High school diploma, TASC or the HISET test. Individuals can register and take the GED exams at any time. However, in some states, one is required to enroll for a prep course before taking the GED.

How long does it take to get GED?

Most individuals usually take approximately three months to prepare and take up the GED exams. For individuals who prefer to attend classes that are mainly provided by the many schools around, it usually takes them roughly 4-12 months to be well prepared for the GED exams.

On the other hand, there are individuals who may opt for online classes to prepare for the GED test. This usually involves individuals watching video lessons of about 8 minutes each. They then do questions for practice and sample exams at their own pace.

It takes around 7 hours to complete an entire GED exam which must be taken at a testing center. Individuals are allowed to do the four subjects at once or spread out the individual tests to different days. Students are given a waiting period of 60 days to take the exam again if they fail a particular test in 3 attempts.

How Long is a Short Essay and Why?

The table below shows the time allowed for each section.

SectionDetailsTime allowed
ScienceEarth, space, life, and physical sciences90 minutes
Social studiesEconomics, geography, civics, and history90 minutes
MathAlgebra and quantitative math115 minutes
Reasoning Through Language ArtsReading comprehension, writing, and editing150 minutes

Why does it take that long to get GED?

The length of time that an individual may take to get a GED is highly dependent on how he/she opts to prepare for the test. It also depends on the number of times one may need to take each of the four subject tests.

There are other factors that determine how long one takes to get the GED. This includes;

  1. The length of the GED classes one attends. Most of the schools provide preparation classes at different levels. This is mainly done so as to accommodate the level of knowledge of the students.
  2. Individuals who are in states that do not require one to take a GED prep course will take less time to get the GED as compared to individuals who are in states where the GED prep course is mandatory.
  3. How familiar one is with the GED content will also play a role in the amount of time he/she will take to get a GED.
  4. The number of practice tests one takes before doing a GED test will determine the amount of time the individual will need.

It is important for individuals to take a practice GED before they can do the actual exam. This offers a realistic approach to a GED test.