How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 156 Days

when someone is willing to learn any instrument it would take a specific time to learn. Because music is very hard to learn whether it could be through instruments or singing. Because special things take time to show their beauty when the time comes and the time is when one shows dedication and discipline to whatever art he/she is learning. Because art is something that through its beauty and nature affects people’s moods and all.



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How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

when it comes to learning guitar it depends on an individual how much he/she is interested in and how many times he/she is practicing. While there are some other factors which include what type of guitar one is learning as a beginner. Though there are many kinds of guitar Acoustic and electrical are the main ones.

Experts say that learning acoustic guitar is harder when compared to other kinds. But one who has a passion to learn acoustic ones are always welcome. It just takes even more time and one’s patience. Dedication and determination depend on oneself and the daily time investment one can invest whether it could be a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

A very excited and enthusiastic one can show much interest while learning guitar and would be able to give more time if he/she is a beginner. So to know about introductory for beginners it would take 156 days and it would also take more or fewer days according to the one giving time for each session every day. So one hour is enough to get to know the introductory part in 156 days that would be like 5.2 months.

LevelTotal hours neededDaily time investment
Introductory156.25156 days
Basic312.510 months
Beginner6251.8 years
Intermediate12503.5 years
Advanced25006.9 years
Expert500013.9 years

Why Does lt Take So Long To Learn Guitar?

It’s obvious that to learn any instrument doesn’t take few days or few months but needs years and years of practice. That too acoustic guitars are very hard to learn because of their strings having a heavier gauge which makes the learner exert more force or pressure on the strings to play the tunes and fingers get hurt very badly. There are also two types of acoustic ones whether one wants to play classical or folk music is steel-string and nylon-string guitar.

The nylon-string guitar is softer when compared to the steel string and exerts less force and tension while playing. So, the steel ones are harder and give more pain while stretching the strings because these have thicker necks, heavier and also smaller acoustic ones. But the specialty of an acoustic guitar learns basic chords and knows how to strum can make or play a song of their choice like of their composition.

But when one wants to learn by experimentation like can always go for electrical guitar as here, the strings are of less tension and don’t give much pain to the fingers while playing. Keeping aside from learning the type of guitar being one factor there is also another factor that takes a long time to learn is to understand the designation of guitar, its components, and keeping every detail about it in mind and playing. It means learning guitar needs mind and hands coordination so that there would be no difficulty in learning.

The understanding of Frets and strings in guitar is very important for one to learn guitar because there are 144 possible hits from 22 or 24 frets on six strings. While keeping all the hits required for the tune in mind is on one side and able to apply pressure on the strings is on the other side to notice and play which needs a lot of practice.


To learn any art form there is never a hindrance until one is losing patience, dedication, enthusiasm to learn. Saying is that music is an art form that gives peace and receives stress. So whether the art form is through listening or playing it always makes sense and impact on one’s life.


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