How Long Does Protein Powder Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 – 20 Months

The human body requires strength for its well-being. To have a good lifestyle and sufficient energy to do one’s daily chores and activities, it is of vital importance that one consumes a balanced diet. A balanced diet consists of proper proportions of all essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. However, proteins are often considered one of the most essential nutrients for the body.

Proteins act like an energy source for the body and prevent it from getting dull and lethargic. They constitute the building blocks of bodily tissue by serving as a fuel for energy. Proteins do all kinds of jobs inside the human body and are found in one’s hair, nails, bones, muscles, etc.

Thus, as protein is so essential for one’s health, one must have it in sufficient quantities in their body. However, when a person is deficient in protein, he is advised by doctors to have protein supplements like protein powder to increase the protein content of the body. Protein powders are usually consumed by gym-goers as they constantly require protein to build up muscles and also need instant energy to heal quickly after strenuous exercises.

How Long Does Protein Powder Last?

Protein powder (Closed)9 – 19 months
Protein powder (Opened)3 – 9 months

Protein powder is a widely demanded nutrient supplement by fitness freaks who are constantly in need of energy to replenish their power that gets lost due to various activities. Protein powders provide instant energy to the consumer and keep him energetic for the rest of his day. Thus, it is easy to fulfill one’s daily quota of protein by having protein powders without indulging in actual food that contains protein.

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Just like any other consumables, protein powders should not be consumed after it has crossed the expiry date. Thus, to ensure that the protein powder does not get wasted, one must understand the average shelf life of protein powder. Optimal shelf life is a duration during which any good is at its highest quality and it differs from commodity to commodity for different products.

In the case of protein powder, it has a shelf life of 10 – 20 months from the date of its manufacturing till the date of expiration. It is essential to consume the protein powder within this time frame to receive the maximum benefits of the nutrient supplement while enjoying its maximum flavor.

Why Does Protein Powder Last This Long?

Protein powders are artificially synthesized protein supplements that can help one increase their protein intake. The protein in these powders is gathered and extracted through various resources and is finally processed to form a fine powder.

Protein powders help one stay productive by serving as a source of incessant energy and power. It is generally manufactured in a factory. Various factory processes help in converting raw protein to protein supplements that we today all know by the name protein powder.

Protein powders consist of various additives, that can help the protein to sustain for a longer duration without spoiling. A protein powder with many additives can certainly last for half a year more than its average shelf life. Thus, this can prolong the shelf life of protein powders to about 2 years.

To make the protein powders last long, they must be stored appropriately in favorable temperatures where there is no harm to the protein powder to prevent it from going bad. The suitable temperature for storing protein powders is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A percentage of 35 is a proper fit of humidity to store protein powders appropriately.

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Protein powders have expiration dates too. The date of expiry of any commodity is the date from which the product becomes unfit for consumption and its efficiency gets reduced. The protein powders typically have a shelf life of about 10 to 20 months which can be extended by six months or more by preserving the protein powder by adding additives to it.




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