How Long Have Aboriginals Been In Australia (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 65,000 years

Aboriginal people stayed in Australia for around 65,000 years. These people played a vital role in farming and cultivating the lands of Australia. The indigenous Australian people were there on the land since the beginning of time. The variety of languages of indigenous Australian people is around 250. The structure of society is extremely complex.



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There will be communities practicing the seasonal occupation. The main motive is to re-cultivate the land and move across to the lands with better and richer sources. There is a huge difference in the way of living of the Aboriginals people. These are built following some principles. These people are based on the relationships, identification, spirituality, and responsibilities of people.

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How Long Have Aboriginals Been In Australia?

Aboriginals (Indigenous Community)How Long Have Aboriginals Been In Australia
Minimum average time period 60,000 years
maximum average time period 65,000 years.

Aboriginal people were very spiritual. They survived with the belief that they have a deeper connection with the land. They followed all the basic principles of life. Spirituality plays a pivotal role in the lifestyle and habits of indigenous people. Aboriginals are known as the oldest civilization on the earth that lived in Australia.

Before the European invasion, the number of indigenous nations was 500 with 800 dialects. Many people believed that Aboriginals survived for around 50,000 years while others say it was around 60,000 years. On an average calculation and estimation, it is said that the indigenous people lived in Australia for around 65,000 years.

It was believed that humans were migrated through boats to the Northside of Australia from Asia. Aboriginals are the oldest migrant that came on their own to Australia from Africa. All the aboriginals belong to the group indigenous community. Indigenous is quite complex and controversial.

It means the people who are the descent from the people who can’t claim to be the original inhabitants of the island. It is believed that Aboriginals in today’s generation and the world belongs to the population that migrated to Australia before 50,000 years. In simple terms, the people are the ancestors of the Aboriginals people who lived in Australia for around 65,000 years.

Why Have Aboriginals Been In Australia For This Long?

Captain Cook came as a destruction for the indigenous community. Captain Cook came to Australia in 1770. There the spark of European invasion came into the role. This invasion came as a death statement for many Aboriginals people. The values of spirituality got hugely affected due to the invasion. The languages were not respected and forgotten.

The cultural values were not considered. The European invasion force many people to run from their own lands. So many cultures of indigenous people were removed and erased in Australia. The mass murdering of Aboriginals took place when the European people arrived in bulk. The government did not allow these communities.

These communities were not labeled by the European people. The indigenous people were forced to obey European lifestyles. Australia tried its best to torture and disrespect the indigenous community. The government discriminated against the indigenous people from the Australian people. During 1905, the Aboriginals were tortured and forcefully removed from Australia.

The Australian government didn’t allow the Torres Strait Islander children to stay and live with their families. The only motivation behind such behavior with Aboriginals was to eliminate the indigenous community. All these behaviour done with the Aboriginals people were marked under discrimination. The Australian government formally apologized for the behaviour in 2008.

There is a long way to bring the reputation of an indigenous community in Australia.


The indigenous community live on their land for 60,000 to 65,000 years. These people kept the island free from any diseases and maintain the purity of their lands. Their ethical and moral values were exceptional. They went through a lot of struggles during the European invasion. The Aboriginals were not allowed to live their own lives according to their choice. The Aboriginals community is trying its best to grow small businesses in today’s world.


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