How Long Is CRNA School After BSN (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Five Years

BSN is the short form in Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and it is a degree offered to students pursuing nursing in different states of the United States and many other countries. The course structure of the degree is complex, and it is completed within three to four years, depending on the number of courses a particular student has opted for.



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CRNA is a term used to refer to Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in parts of the United States and a few other countries. Their main job is to take care of all the patients and make sure that they get their medicines and injection shots at the right time. They also need to inform the doctor if the condition of a patient worsens.

How Long Is CRNA School After BSN?

CRNAs or Certified registered nurse anesthetists are the ones who are employed in various medical fields. They remain with the doctor all the time and study the medical condition of the patient. In short, they are the ones who give all the information of the patient to the doctor and also advises the doctor what can be done. Not only this, these types of nurses are the ones who are assigned the task of giving vaccines when vaccine drives are conducted.

In contrast, in BSN, nurses are under training and don’t have a deep knowledge of the medications and conditions of the patient. They are regularly guided by the doctor and are told to monitor the patient and are instructed to make sure that the patient takes all the medicines at the right time. If the patient feels uncomfortable, then the medical expert should be called immediately. It takes years of practice and knowledge to become a registered nurse. These nurses need to pay for the course, and the exact fees are dependent on the number of courses a candidate wants to master.

EventsInformation Regarding The Event
Course Duration Of BSNThree To Four Years
CRNA After BSNFive Years After BSN

The time is taken for completing a BSN degree usually takes three to four years. After this period is done, a nurse has to complete many other courses to be a registered nurse, and it needs a minimum of five years after BSN for CRNA.

Why Does It Take That Long For CRNA School After BSN?

It takes that long for CRNA school after BSN because after completing BSN, a nurse has to complete MSN, which is master of science in nursing, and it takes two years to complete the course. After this is done, three years is required to complete DNAP that stands for Doctor of Nursing in Anesthetic practices. Both MSN and DNAP take a minimum of five more years after BSN. When all these are completed, a nurse can apply for the certificate at the government hospitals, and the certificate will be issued.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists know all the treatment procedures and are pretty experienced. They know how to give injections, make an incision at the surgical area, and give anesthesia to a patient. A doctor can completely trust these nurses as they do everything together from time to time. These nurses need to give an exam after applying for the post, and if they pass, they become eligible for getting the certificate.

Before applying for a certified registered nurse anesthetist, these medical degrees are a must. They will help the nurses gain basic knowledge of tools and medicines used while caring for a patient. If a doctor asks for a tool in between a surgery, the nurse must know and identify which tool is needed.


Finally, it can be concluded that a nurse’s job is to make sure that the patient is in a good medical condition and no issues take place. Their job is to give medicines to the patient at the right time and make sure that they get the proper amount of rest.

It takes five years for CRNA after BSN as other prerequisites need to be fulfilled before getting a certificate.  An ill patient might be hanging between life and death, and it is crucial to take proper care of them. CRNAs are given good salaries, and they can solely take care of a patient in worse situations.


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