How Long To Beat Destiny 2 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8-12 Hours

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer video game launched in 2019. It is among the popular first-person shooting games. It is completely free to play without any additional content. The game features multiplayer mode similar to battle royale, multiplayer modes as well. Other than that, it features an online story mode as well. There are several Downloadable Contents (DLCs) as well for this game. It is a Mythic Sci-fi video game. In this game, aliens attack the last surviving city on earth. The game two modes, PvP, and PvE. With so much playable content, one may wonder how much might it take to beat the game.

How Long To Beat Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 has several modes. It is set in a Mythic Sci-fi world, and the player is the savior of the world. The game offers several modes like a multiplayer mode similar to battle royale mode, story mode, etc. The game just does not have main quests in story mode, but quite a few side quests are also there.

If a player wishes to complete the main quests of the game, it may take them around 8-12 hours. The role of the player in Mythic Sci-fi is of a guardian. As the guardian, the player needs to protect the last city of planet Earth. As planet Earth gets attacked by aliens, the guardians try to save Earth from falling into eternal darkness.

Other than the main story and main quests, there are several extras as well. If a player wishes to end the main story along with these extras, it may take them around 30-40 hours. The extras include adventures, lost sectors, public events, and much more.

Furthermore, some players prefer to complete the video game to its limits. Some players like to end every single quest, achieving all the possible achievements, completing the game to 100%. If a player wishes to end the game at 100%, it may take them over 100 hours.

However, all these gameplay durations depend on the players themselves. If a professional player is playing the game, they may take much less time to finish the game. On the other hand, a new player may take much more time than expected. The style of playing also alters the time required to beat the game. One may want to enjoy little things and play the game slowly, while others may wish to do speed runs and focus just on beating the game.

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Why Does It Take That Long To Beat Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is a massive game. The player needs to save the last remaining city from alien attacks. Other than that, the player can travel to several planets as well. The main storyline alone takes a couple of hours to beat. It takes around 8 to 12 hours to do the main storyline in the game.

Not just the main storyline, the game has several downloadable contents as well. The DLCs increase the gameplay time majorly and make the game bigger. With all the DLCs included, the game becomes almost as twice as big as its main story. The game includes both, PvP as well as PvE mode. Both modes have their items and achievements. Which adds to gameplay time.

There are so many, small and big, short and long side campaigns as well. These campaigns may exceed the original gameplay. These include adventures, lost sectors, public events, and much more. Overall, these side campaigns or extras increase game time by a lot. These side quests including the main storyline take around 30 hours to beat.

The small additional tasks, locations, items take a lot of time. These tasks and achievements are not long individually, but there are so many of them that these take way too much time than the game or the side quests. In the game, there is a lot of travel as there is the concept of traveling to plants. These side quests become the reason for gameplay becoming over 100 hours for those who wish to do every single thing in the game.


Destiny 2 is among the popular online multiplayer games. The game offers two modes, PvP as well as PvE. It is set in a Mythic sci-fi world. In the game’s world aliens attack the last surviving city of planet earth. It is a big game, and it takes a couple of hours to beat its main storyline. Furthermore, it may take around 30 hours to beat extras along with the main storyline. Whereas to beat the game completely may take over 100 hours. This game is so big that it is spread over planets and has several maps too. This game is massive so one should play with responsibility.



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