In need of a boost? Try some Immunity Boost Juice to get yourself going again! Loaded with great taste from flavorful carrots, sweet clementines, and fresh ginger, this drink will be your new go-to when you need to add a little pep to your step! Immunity Boost Juice will be a healthy addition to your daily vegetable and fruit intake goals. We can’t boast enough about this tasty boost juice!


  • 1 pound carrots, fronds trimmed and discarded
  • 2 clementines or 1 large orange, peeled
  • 1 piece ginger, 1-inch-long, peeled


Step 1 –In a juicer, add the carrots, the clementines, and the ginger and process on high speed until all the ingredients have been juiced. If the juicer has a large chute, place the ginger between the carrots to prevent it from flying around or going straight into the pulp basket.

Step 2 –Pour the juice into a glass and serve immediately.