Tissue Flower Magnets 15

We needed some color around here, spring is way behind. So, it’s tissue paper to the rescue. But to keep these colorful diddies from just being plain ole flowers, we added magnets. Now they can pull double duty – pretty and helpful.

Tissue Flower Magnets 16

They are so simple! I really had to stop myself or I could have continued making hundreds of these. Might have to make a few more today.

Tissue Flower Magnets 13


-tissue paper, any and all colors
-pipe cleaners, any color works
-hot glue

Tissue Flower Magnets 1

Begin by cutting a stack of circles: 1 stack for the flower (any amount you want) and 1 smaller stack (like 5 pieces) for the center. Poppies are known for their dark centers but you can choose whatever color you want.

Tissue Flower Magnets 2

Stack the circles, the smaller ones in the center of the larger ones, and skewer it with the pipe cleaner. Bend over the tip of the pipe cleaner to keep it from slipping out.

Tissue Flower Magnets 4.1

Pull the pipe cleaner down so the folded tip is snug in the center of the tissue stack.

Tissue Flower Magnets 6

Add a dot of glue to the pipe cleaner bump and pull the first layer of the center tissue stack up around it. The glue will hold the tissue around the pipe cleaner so it isn’t visible anymore. Continue pulling the layers of tissue up and around the center, creating the cupped flower shape.

Tissue Flower Magnets 8

Trim the excess pipe cleaner. Add a dot of glue and…

Tissue Flower Magnets 11

add a magnet.

Tissue Flower Magnets 12

After that, make lots and lots and lots of colors! And smile!

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Tissue Flower Magnets 14