How Long Does Hydroxyzine Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 27 Hours

As the number of people falling ill saw a rise, use and the production of drugs also increased over time. Drugs are medicines or antidotes which help a person to get cured. A person can get cured of the illness or disease that they are going through.

One such drug is Hydroxyzine, which gets used for allergies and anxiety etc. However, it is necessary to know all the aspects of a drug before one starts using it. Any drug that gets administered in the body stays in the body for some time. The timeline is different for different drugs.

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How Long Does Hydroxyzine Last?

Many people in the world suffer from anxiety and different types of allergies. Sometimes the effects are so huge that taking medications is the only solution to treat it. Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine that gets used for treating allergic reactions. Hydroxyzine has anticholinergic and sedative properties that help with anxiety, nausea, vomiting, stress, tension, etc.

When Hydroxyzine gets introduced into the body, it remains in the body for quite some time before leaving the system forever. That is similar to all types of medicines. Every drug comes with a lifespan for which it stays in the human body. 

A drug is said to leave the body only when there are no traces in the system. There are many tests to identify the remnants of any medicine in the body. The time for which Hydroxyzine will last in the system primarily depends on its half-life. 

As per the half-life, the period is also different based on the various test. Some parts of the human system can retain the drug for different periods. When it comes to Hydroxyzine, it takes mostly around 27 hours to exit the body leaving no traces. 

The traces gets counted as per the last does that were ingested by the person.

Type of testsTime for which Hydroxyzine remains in the body
Blood TestTwenty-seven Hours
Urine TestTwenty four Hours
Saliva TestEight Hours
Hair TestMaximum Three months

Why Does Hydroxyzine Last That Long?

There are various methods of intaking Hydroxyzine. One can opt for tablets, injections, or solutions. Whatever the way is, the main job is to get into the bloodstream and fight off the infecting pathogens in the body.

The effectiveness of Hydroxyzine remains for some time in the body. Once the symptoms for the ailment reduce, the remnants of Hydroxyzine slowly leave the body. After about 27 hours, the remnants of Hydroxyzine will get flushed out of the system completely. 

Why Hydroxyzine remains so long in the body depends on a variety of factors. Some of the reasons are as below:

  • The primary reason behind the span for which any medicine stays in the system is its half-life. The great the half-life, the more time it takes for the antidote to get flushed out of the system. 
  • Another factor is the dosage of Hydroxyzine that a person intakes. The longer the dosage, the longer Hydroxyzine will stay in the system. If the dosage is high, so will be the consumption of the medicine. Hence the duration of the elimination is longer too.
  • How the Hydroxyzine gets ingested will also play an imminent role in the length of time for it to be detectable. The detection period of traces is lesser if the medicine gets administered into the body via injections when compared to tablets.
  • A person’s metabolism rate is a defining factor of how long Hydroxyzine will stay in the system. People who have high BMRs will experience a shorter period of detection and vice-versa.


Hydroxyzine proves to be a one-stop medicine for multiple problems because of its soothing properties. However, it must get taken as per prescription. 

With providing relief, there are sometimes other side-effects of Hydroxyzine too. So, the longer the medicine will be in the system, it tends to show side effects sometimes. The side effects may or may not happen. But it is necessary to know the pros and cons beforehand.

Although it is not an addictive drug, consuming Hydroxyzine more than required can prove the side effects to stay for a very long time.



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