51 Best Christmas Wreaths Ideas

Christmas wreaths rank highly as favored Christmas adornments. Rustic, farmhouse, and ornament wreaths stand out as top choices for the festive season. Whether celebrating Christmas or not, a wreath serves as an excellent centerpiece for your table or door during the holidays.

Ah, the Christmas season—the time when streets twinkle with lights, and the air carries the sweet scent of cinnamon and pine. Amidst the flurry of holiday preparations, there’s one timeless symbol that never fails to capture the spirit of the season: the Christmas wreath. Hanging proudly on doors or adorning mantelpieces, these circular arrangements of evergreen foliage evoke a sense of warmth, tradition, and festive cheer.

Simple DIY Christmas wreaths for front doors

But there’s more to these wreaths than just their decorative appeal. They hold a rich history and cultural significance, weaving together stories of ancient rituals, Christian symbolism, and modern-day craftsmanship. So, let’s dive into the enchanting world of Christmas wreaths and discover the magic they bring to our homes each holiday season.

Tips for Christmas Wreaths

  1. Use unexpected materials like cork, burlap, pasta, or nuts. A wreath made from wine corks or burlap can be rustic and charming.
  2. Incorporate fragrant elements like dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, or potpourri to make your wreath smell amazing.
  3. Add textural interest with pinecones, feathers, or even Christmas tree ornaments woven into the wreath.
  4. For a modern twist, use non-traditional shapes like squares, triangles, or even a wreath made from multiple interlocking circles.
  5. Create a themed wreath around a color scheme, hobby, or interest like a book page wreath for readers or a tool wreath for handy people.
  6. Use ribbon in unexpected ways – weave it through the wreath, create big bows, or make it look like gift wrap on the wreath itself.
  7. Add whimsical elements like tiny birdhouses, sleighs, or animals tucked into the greenery.
  8. Use led lights or battery-operated candles nestled into the wreath for a magical glow.
  9. Make a double-sided wreath with two distinct sides so it looks great hanging on a door or against a wall.
  10. Create an asymmetrical, free-flowing design rather than the traditional circular wreath shape.

Christmas Wreaths Ideas


 Burlap, Boughs and Blades Winter Wreath (The Happy Housie)


 Rustic Traditional Christmas Wreath (Fynes Designs)


 Easy Rustic Christmas Wreath (Sadie Seasongoods)

2 5

 Hydrangea Christmas Wreath (Simply Designing)

5 6

 DIY Monogram Pinecone Wreath (Mommy Suite)


 Easy Holiday Cork Wreaths (How To Make A Burlap Wreath)


Simple Snowflake and Ornament Holiday Wreath (Crazy Little Projects)


Gorgeous Eucalyptus Joy Wreath (Homemade Ginger)


DIY Berry Wreath (That’s What Che Said)


Christmas “Joy” Wreath (Six Sisters Stuff)


Simple Rustic Joy Wreath (Renovated Faith)


Rustic Moss Wreath (My Pink Life)


Simple Rustic Bells Wreath (Shades Of Blue Interiors)


Sparkly Pine Cone Wreath (Another Bright Idea)


DIY Rectangle Christmas Wreath (Shanty 2 Chic)


Pinecones and Cardinals Wreath (BHG)


Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial (Love Of Family and Home)


Easy DIY Pine Cone Wreath from Ann’s Entitled Life


Beautiful DIY Christmas Tree Wreath from Craftivity Designs


 Glittery Merry Christmas Floral Wreath from DIY Adulation


 Gingerbread Man Christmas Wreath from Design n Dazzle


DIY Christmas Burlap Wreath from One Crazy Mom

1 25

DIY Christmas Wreath from Lil Luna

1 26

Easy DIY Ornament Wreath from The Happier Homemaker

1 27

 Let It Snow Christmas Wreath from The Happy Housie

1 28

Rustic Burlap Christmas Wreath from The Crafting Nook

1 29

DIY Snowball Wreath from Daisy Mae Belle

1 30

Joy Letter Wreath from Renovated Faith

1 31

 Silver Christmas Ornament Wreath from Decor Chick

1 32

 Burlap Christmas Wreath from Love Of Family And Home

1 33

DIY Berry Wreath from That’s What Che Said

1 34

Gold and Polka Dot Christmas Wreath from The 36th Avenue

1 35

 Simple Poinsettia Wreath from Vanessa Christenson

1 36

Gourmet Homemade Christmas Wreath from The Daring Gourmet

1 37

 Vintage Style Winter Wonderland Wreath from Flamingo Toes

1 38

 Winter Wonderland Pom Pom Wreath from Twine and Table


DIY Wire Hanger Ornament Wreath from Eddie Ross


 Red and Silver Christmas Ornament Wreath from Delightfully Noted Blog


 Easy Coffee Filter Christmas Wreath from Lil Luna


 Winter White Christmas Wreath from Constanca Cabral


 Easy Pine Cone Wreath from Life Is A Party


 DIY Woodland Christmas Wreath from Sew Homegrown


 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Ornament Twig Wreath (Crazy Little Project)


 Simple Modern Winter Wreath (The Glitzy Pear)


Sweet Holiday Wreath (Nourish and Nestled)


 DIY Pinecone Wreath (Remodelaholic)


 Blue Glitter Pinecone Wreath (Felicia Kramer)


DIY Candycane Wreath (Source Unknown)


Easy Birch Christmas Wreath (An Extraordinary Day)


 Fun Candy Wreath Tutorial (Gwynn Wason Designs)


 Candy Cane Wreath (The Country Chic Cottage)

FAQ for Christmas Wreaths

Q: What’s the best way to hang a Christmas wreath?

A: Use a wreath hanger or over-the-door hook for doors. Command strips or adhesive hooks work well for hanging wreaths on walls or windows. For extra security, use a loop of wire on the back.

Q: How do I keep my fresh wreath from drying out?

A: Mist it regularly with water and keep it away from direct heat sources. You can also purchase a wreath preservative spray. Soak the wreath thoroughly before hanging.

Q: How long will a fresh wreath last?

A: With proper care, 2-4 weeks on average. Dried/preserved wreaths can last the entire season.

Q: What materials are best for making wreaths?

A: Evergreen boughs, pinecones, berries, dried flowers/fruits, ribbons, ornaments. Grapevine and straw/twig wreaths are great bases.

Q: How big should an outdoor wreath be?

A: For doors, 20-30 inches generally looks proportional. Oversized 36″+ wreaths make a bold statement.

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