Difference Between 3G and LTE (With Table)

Difference Between 3G and LTE (With Table)

We cannot ignore Internet services nowadays, and in this increasing trend of Internet services, LTE and 3g are a matter of great importance. The Internet speed matters a lot, especially because of today’s fast-paced life. We need to get high-speed internet.

3G vs LTE

The main difference between 3G and LTE is that LTE is of a better nature as compared to the low-speed 3G. The speed of these is the main consideration, and this speed is the best part. The LTE has great speed and many other features, which, compared to the lower 3g, comes off as LTE better.

3G vs LTE 1

3G is the oldest player in the arena. It is known for its predecessors and its evolution stories. It was the one that provided the basic network to all the smartphones of the previous generation, and as we crib about the speed now, we cannot deny that this was the network introducer to the tech world.

LTE refers to the new generation network. It is the long-term evolution network that has a lot of services as compared to the older 3G. It is a performance-based network whose speed depends greatly on how much space it gets to transmit from one place to the other. This tells us that the network speed depends on the signal strength and the network load.

Comparison Table Between 3G and LTE

Parameters of comparison3GLTE
Existence in marketNewerOlder
SignificanceIt is the newer version of networks and can be said to be the modified version of the older generation networks. it provides a lot of servicesThis was one of the first network connectors and it is thanks to its services that the network of internet and such services got introduced to the world.
Network Speed100 MBPS7.2 MBPS
ServersNon established serversEstablished servers
StabilityStable networksUnstable networks
Table of Comparison

What is 3G?

While permanency is a great thing, and the tech field always rewards experience, some changes are necessary, and it is very important to adapt to them. We have seen many network connections, but we cannot forget the ones that introduced us to this network world.

The 3G world was the one that our previous generation used, and it is completely up to us how we use it. The 3G network gives us comparatively better connectivity and services when compared with the previous 2G and other lesser networks.

This network clarified that the internet can be used for many things and gave us a glimpse of its wide potential. The 3G is a third-generation network with speeds lesser than LTE, unstable connections, and unsafe servers. A lot of factors led to the development of the LTE service, which is known to be second to the 4G and further on services.

What is LTE?

LTE is the newer generation mobile connectivity solution. We have been through a lot of technological evolution, and now we have reached times where almost everything has already been invented and discovered. In these great invention times, all the previously discovered things can be inspected, and the flaws can be easily identified.

The flaws can then be converted, and better systems can be evolved and invented. This is the very case with LTE. The previous services have all been inspected, and LTE results from many modifications. LTE includes all the best features like speed, stability, sufficient servers, and so on, but it comes with its downsides. There are a lot more advanced troubles that can be removed by working on modifying LTE.

The 4G and 5G services result from a modified LTE connection. The LTE connection has high-speed internet connectivity and works toward connecting devices faster. It supports public data security functions and has a safety net, allowing faster data transmission.

Main Differences Between 3G and LTE

  1. The main difference between 3G and LTE is the speed they offer. Even though there are many options for all the networks, these two are the best.
  2. While 3G is the older one, being in the tech field, it becomes a little difficult to stay on with the older things, as is what is done in all other streams.
  3. The computer or IT field has a lot of potential, and the inventions per day are the best ways to show people that change is mostly for the good.
  4. These networks have a lot of technicalities involved, and it is the improvement from the less stable and unsafe 3G to the better settled LTE connection.
  5. The 3G is obsolete, and everyone only goes towards the LTE connection.


This is only to counteract the delay of the times. In this fast-paced life, there is a lot of delay in the common functioning of the day, and each moment creates memories that cannot be forgotten. Super idols post regular updates about themselves and great news floating around.

A simple delay in the message transmission means a lot of stuff we miss out on. In these great times, we frequently suffer from FOMO or the fear of missing out, and this fear causes us to invest a lot of our time in creating content and taking the pains to know more about it.

The FOMO of these times causes us to find ways to know about these models and superstars. This feeling causes us to invest in LTE and 3g services. There are a lot of reasons to invest in LTE and 3G. LTE and 3G have a lot of differences, but at the bottom, it is the internet that is considered.

Technologies keep updating themselves, and we keep changing what we do, only to change it within a few months. In these months, we need to find out completely about the trends of the times and finally learn about the discoveries that were made so that the next invention can be better.


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