Difference Between 45 ACP and 45 GAP Pistols (With Table)

Difference Between 45 ACP and 45 GAP Pistols (With Table)

Pistols or revolvers are one of the most important weapons that every police officer has with them. In the market, people would get to explore various pistols. The two much-renowned pistols made and designed by two people are 45 ACP and 45 GAP.

The size, bullet weight, and pressure required for firing differ in the 45 Automatic Colt and Glock Auto pistols. Both pistols are different in operation as one may be easier to operate. The pistols are used for firing the targets. Therefore, it should have good power to work properly on the targets.

45 ACP vs 45 GAP           

The main difference between 45 GAP and 45 ACP is their diameter, length, power, and uses. The 45 ACP has a bullet capacity of around 230 grains, and the pistol could not hold the bullet weight above 230 grains. On the other hand, the 45 GAP pistols would not be capable of holding more than 200 grains of bullet weight due to less capacity than the 45 ACP.

45 ACP vs 45 GAP

The 45 ACP is a well-known revolver for its power, capacity, and accuracy in firing targets. Handing the 45 ACP would be slightly tough for beginners, as they are large and complex pistols. In 1904, Jon Moses Browning came with an outstanding pistol with good length and power to support the armed forces and other police departments.

The 45 GAP is a good pistol for beginners as it is smaller and less capable of holding bullets than the 45 ACP. Due to their short length, these pistols are not used in many lawful departments. The diameter of the 45 GAP is smaller, and this makes it inappropriate for use in the armed forces or by police officers.

Comparison Table Between 45 ACP and 45 GAP

Parameters45 ACP45 GAP        
Size          The Automatic Cold pistol is popular for having the perfect length required for targeting humans. The length of the 45 ACP is as per the requirement.45 ACP seems more powerful and would bring better results in firing the targets than the 45 GAP.  
Power     The power of the 45 GAP is good, but it would be slightly less than the 45 ACP due to its size and less bullet weight capacity.45 ACP came before 45 GAP, with more exactness and perfection. The reputation of the 45 ACP is much due to its features and power.
Introduction year          45 ACP came into the market in 1904.   People got to know about the 45 GAP in the year 2003.
Privileges           It would be herculean to handle the 45 ACP as it would be bigger, and the weight would be more than 45 GAP.  The beginners would not face many difficulties in using the 45 GAP if trained properly as the weight and size of the 45 GAP would be convenient for people.
Handling  The beginners would not face many difficulties in using the 45 GAP if trained properly, as the weight and size of the 45 GAP would be convenient for people.45 GAP came after the 45 ACP came into the market. 45 GAP could be taken in the list of reputed pistols, but it would not be able to break the popularity of the 45 ACP.

What is 45 ACP?

A powerful pistol approved and accepted by law enforcement agencies for accuracy and power is identified as 45 ACP. This pistol can be used by people who have a license to use it. People looking for a pistol with a good grip and pressure should always go for the 45 ACP if the size is not a problem.

The size of the 45 ACP is quite big for people who are not accustomed to using pistols. People with small hands would face difficulties and discomfort using the 45 ACP without proper training. People can also find the 45 Super, another variety of the 45 ACP. These two variants of the pistols would not have many differences, but they have differences in the pressure required for shooting with the pistols.

What is 45 GAP?

Another good pistol is going to be convenient for people with small hands. This type of pistol is extremely easy and simple to use as it comes in a very convenient size and weight. Beginners can always use this pistol to avoid issues with their hands and necks while operating the pistols.

The 45 GAP pistols are also found in many varieties in the market, and people can choose the best one for them. If someone is looking for a pistol that requires more pressure to operate than the 45 ACP, then the 45 GAP would be a better option. Nobody would find the 45 GAP pistols more than 27 mm (approx.) long.

Ernest Durham came with this type of pistol to make it comfortable for people who love short guns for shooting purposes. If the shooting pressure is considered, this pistol can be a huge competitor to the 45 ACP.

Main Differences Between 45 ACP and 45 GAP

  1. The 45 ACP is convenient for people who love using big pistols, whereas the 45 GAP is more appropriate to be used by people who like using short guns.
  2. The pressure required for operating the 45 ACP is less than that required for operating the 45 GAP.
  3. The 45 ACP pistols were manufactured in 1904, which was very early than the manufacturing of the 45 GAP pistols.
  4. The 45 ACP is tough to handle by beginners due to its large size and bullet weight, whereas the handling and working of 45 GAP pistols would be less complicated if you could give the required amount of pressure.
  5. The originality and reputation of 45 ACP are more than the 45 GAP as it has been in the market for many years.


 Both 45 ACP and GAP are good at shooting objects and humans. If someone sees the power of pistols in their size, bullet capacity, and manufacturing, then 45 ACP would prevail. The 45 GAP is a brilliant pistol due to its working or operating pressure, which is much higher than the 45 ACP.

The size and bullet capacity of the GAP came as a disappointment for people who love big pistols. The type of pistols someone will choose depends on the person’s preference. The 45 ACP pistols have been available to people since 1904, which is another bonus point for bringing more reputation to the ACP. Both of these pistols come with their special features and demerits.


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