Difference Between AWeber and Constant Contact (With Table)

Difference Between AWeber and Constant Contact (With Table)

AWeber and Constant Contact are two names that pop into anybody’s head if they seek email marketing automation software.

Both software can make any business’s bulk email marketing procedures hassle-free. Beyond the core importance of email marketing automation, both AWeber and Constant Contact are also distinct in their own way.

AWeber vs Constant Contact

The main difference between AWeber and Constant Contact is that Aweber provides more than 700 templates. On the other hand, Constant Contact only has about 240 to 250 templates.

Difference Between AWeber and Constant Contact

AWeber is among the most popular tools for growing business via emails and social media. AWeber allows small businesses to design and manage e-newsletters to keep their customers informed. With AWeber, a business can create mailing lists, design newsletters, automate the email marketing process, keep a tab on the statistics, and much more.

Constant Contact is an online support tool for easing the email marketing process for small businesses. With great features like templates and designs for making email marketing easier, constant contact is an apt choice for businesses looking to use digital marketing to boost their business.

Comparison Table Between AWeber and Constant Contact

Parameters of comparisonAWeberConstant Contact
FoundationAWeber started operating as an email marketing firm in the year 1998.Constant Contact is an online marketing organization that came into existence in the year 1995.
FounderTom Kulzer is the CEO and founder of AWeber.Constant Contact was founded by Randy Parker.
HeadquartersThe headquarters for AWeber is situated in Chalfont, United States.The headquarters of Constant Contact is based in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States.
The Number of templatesA customer can get more than 700 templates to design e-newsletters.Constant Contact provides its customers with about 240 templates to design e-newsletters.
User ratings and reviews.When it comes to customer reviews and ratings, AWeber has gained a good place with a score of 4.37/5Customer reviews for constant contact are a little less than AWeber. Constant contact gets about 4.28/5
Royalty-free imagesAWeber provides more than 6000 royalty-free images to its customers to create engaging and creative content.Constant Contact does not provide its customers with the option for royalty-free images.
IntegrationsWith AWeber, customers can get more than 800 integrations.Constant Contact provides its customers with about 340 integrations.

What is Aweber?

AWeber is a name that comes along with the leading firms that provide automation and email marketing support. It is easy, affordable, and provides its customers with a great deal concerning the package and services.

Apart from a long list of templates, AWeber also allows its customers to automate a complicated chain of emails in an advanced way. With the pro plan, customers can also get advanced behavioral automation.

Even the free version of AWeber provides many facilities like landing pages, web push notifications, sign-up forms, and much more. It is also easy to set up the AWeber. If a customer gets stuck while setting AWeber up, they provide good customer support.

With options like an Email help desk, 24/7 live support, chat, phone support, and a knowledge base, clearing any doubts and glitches is convenient. AWeber becomes an all-rounder with its tools for analytics. Additionally, AWeber gives many royalty-free images that make it stand out.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact has been in the market for quite a long time, and it is well-liked by millions of users. Even when Constant Contact is on the higher pricing side compared to other email marketing firms, Constant Contact provides many unique features that keep the customer coming back.

Constant Contact is an easy-to-use platform that can help increase sales and customers for small organizations. With a high delivery rate of 70%, it is one of the best in the class. Constant Contact also provides its customers many integrations like WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, Canva, etc.

One of the best features that Constant Contact offers to its customers is a customer-friendly interface. It makes designing and social media posting very easy. Email marketing becomes a breeze with great tools from constant contact, like a drag-and-drop email editor and hundreds of ready-made templates.

The customer service for constant contact users is also simple and effective. With 24/7 support, it is easy to fix minor problems and glitches.

Main Differences Between AWeber and Constant Contact 

  1. AWeber has more than 700 templates. On the other hand, Constant Contact only provides about 240 templates.
  2. AWeber also provides more than 600 royalty-free images. On the other hand, Constant Contact does not give royalty-free pictures.
  3. AWeber offers more than 800 integrations. Whereas Constant Contact only provides 350 integrations.
  4. The maximum price that AWeber charges for a premium account is $16.15. In contrast, Constant Contact charges about $45 for the premium account.
  5. The delivery rate for AWeber is about 77.83%. On the other hand, the delivery rate for Constant Contact is about 70.69%.
  6. AWeber offers excellent reporting tools compared to other platforms. In contrast, Constant Contact does not have as many reporting tools.
  7. AWeber’s user interface ranges from about good. On the other hand, Constant Contact has an interface that is amongst the best.


AWeber and Constant Contact are great email marketing platforms with plenty of features to help a business grow substantially. With great features and an easy interface, using AWeber and Constant Contact does not seem complex.

Since the inbox delivery is high for both AWeber and Constant Contact, it helps connect better with the customers.


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