Difference Between Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7400 (With Table)

Difference Between Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7400 (With Table)

In today’s world, laptops are common and essential in our day-to-day lives, we need a business laptop or a student laptop, depending on our needs. When we think of buying a laptop, our needs and requirements differ from buying a new computer. Both Dell Latitude 7400 and Dell Latitude 5400 are great options to buy. Both have their pros and cons. We have to consider all the aspects while deciding which one to buy.

Dell Latitude 5400 vs Dell Latitude 7400

The main difference between Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7400 is that Dell Latitude 5400 is relatively budget-friendly, on the other hand, Dell Latitude 7400 is just its premium counterpart. The Dell Latitude 7400 is a better version of the Dell Latitude 5400. Both are similar in many aspects but quite different, too.

Dell Latitude 5400 vs Dell Latitude 7400

Dell Latitude 5400 comes under the business-class laptop, Dell’s smallest 14-inch laptop with Windows 10 pro. It has a scalable design and works faster than ever. It also helps create a better conferencing experience because of its intelligent audio. The bottom mount keyboard is beautiful about the Dell Latitude 5400, which makes it look clean.

Dell Latitude 7400 is considered the world’s smallest 14-inch premium business-class notebook, available with Windows 10 Pro, featuring ExpressConnect, which helps connect to faster WiFi signals. The camera shutter option has a feature that protects your privacy. Also, in November 2019, a new feature known as SafeScreen prevents people from looking at your screen due to its contrast ratio.

Comparison Table Between Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7400

Parameters of ComparisonDell Latitude 5400Dell Latitude 7400
WeightDell Latitude 5400 is lighter at 1.52 kg                        The weight of dell Latitude 7400 is 2.99kg
StorageIt gives storage up to 1000 GB                                   It gives storage up to 512 GB
Operating SystemThe operating system of 5400 is Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 10 ProThe operating system of 7200 is Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home               
CacheCache in 5400 is of 4MB, 6MB, 8MBCache in 7400 is of 6M, 8M smart cache
CameraHD resolution(1280 * 720) for still image
HD resolution(1280*720) at 30fps for video
0.92 megapixels for still image
1280*720 at 30fps for video

What is Dell Latitude 5400?

Dell laptop 5400 is one of the preferred laptops, which has a smooth matte finish, an excellent keyboard, battery life on a 68 Whr battery, and amazing build quality and carbon fibre finish. It looks like plastic, though, but it’s not super light. However, it has a dim display.

It also has ExpressCharge, which allows an 80% charge in one hour. It has a Microsoft precision trackpad with dedicated clicker buttons and a copy of Lenovo’s eraser stick point. The sound quality is better than the ThinkPad*1. Streaming and downloading videos is easy due to improved discrete graphics performance.

It is more mobile and portable. It has designed a four-sided narrow bezel and an anti-glare screen to keep you focused on your work. To keep sustainability in mind, it includes 16.96% post-consumer recycled material. Business laptops have a lot of ports as compared to consumer laptops, so the Dell Latitude 5400 has lots of ports, it also has legacy ports like HDMI and RJ45. It contains two RAM slots inside.

As it is a business laptop, no 4K and fancy pen option is available. The performance numbers of Dell Latitude 5400 on benchmarks and real life are good and balanced.

What is Dell Latitude 7400?

Dell Latitude 7400 is built with a premium feel, which is available in aluminium chassis, which is better to hold, it is a better version of the Dell Latitude 5400 with narrow bezels and vivid display. The bezels which you will see are much thinner. It is heavier than expected.

Most probably, it is a replacement for the MacBook. If you wish to travel with it, you can carry it. The battery life of Dell Latitude 7400 is good as we can do 80% charge in just one hour, and it has a comfortable keyboard and trackpad. As Dell Latitude has a touchscreen, you get 1920 by 1080 resolution. The Express Sign-in feature is available, and it is useful too. The sound of fans is at about 59 decibels, which makes it quite loud.

Also, there is no SD card slot; only microSD is available. Also, putting discrete graphics is impossible as it still works in integrated graphics. It is not comfortable to use as a tablet either. We noticed that Dell Latitude 7400 has a wide range of configuration choices and comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port supporting Power Delivery and DisplayPort.

It includes a 720p webcam. What is missing in Dell Latitude 7400 is the RJ45 Ethernet port, which is important for a business laptop.

Main Differences Between Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7400

  1. Warranty- The warranty period of Dell Latitude 5400 is 1 year, whereas Dell Latitude 7400 is 3 years.
  2. Keyboard Backlight- Dell Latitude 5400 doesn’t have a keyboard backlight, but Dell Latitude 7400 does.
  3. Messaging Software- Dell Latitude 5400 has no Messaging software, but Dell Latitude 7400 has.
  4. Touch screen- Dell Latitude 5400 doesn’t have a touch screen, while Dell Latitude 7400 has a touch screen model.
  5. Design- The Dell Latitude 7400 is lighter and has an aluminium version compared to the Dell Latitude 5400.
  6. Performance- In terms of performance, Dell Latitude 5400 is better, while Dell Latitude 7400 is more durable than the former.


By comparing both the laptops, we can conclude that Dell Latitude 7400 is better as it has a lot of improvements, but if you want to go for the budget-friendly product, then opt for Dell Latitude 5400. Although the Dell Latitude 5400 is cheaper, it is quite great and has many features, so look at both laptops’ features and technical specifications that go best for you.

You might even compare based on size, price, and storage depending upon your needs, as both have pros and cons, choose wisely according to your requirements.


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