How Long After Bite Rabies Symptoms (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One Month

Rabies falls under the category of viral disease that results in the inflammation of the brain. This disease is mainly observed in humans along with a few other mammals. It is an exceptionally infectious disease and can be deadly for the person who gets infected. Vaccines of the disease are available that can be taken to protect a person from getting infected.



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The leading cause of rabies is the rabies virus which is also popularly known as Australian Bat lyssavirus. Supportive care and hospitalization might also be required in a person suffering from rabies. The human immune system works by remembering the pathogen that affected it the first time and counters this pathogen if re-encountered at a later point in time.

How Long After Bite Rabies Symptoms

How Long After Bite Rabies Symptoms?

Rabies is a fatal disease and accounts for more than fifty thousand deaths every year. The effective immunity of an individual against any disease-causing pathogen is hinged on the particularities of their unique systems. However, experts can formulate a more or less accurate spectrum of immunity from certain viral strains. Most of the cases of rabies are observed in parts of Asia and Africa. However, the body retains the antibodies developed during the first infection. The body remembers the viral pathogen and thus triggers an immune response against the pathogen if it reenters the host later.

The initial rabies cases were observed in 2000 BC in Europe, where a few people die due to the disease. Then, it was unclear what was the cause of the death, but later it was revealed that the death was caused due to a viral disease which is commonly spread due to animal bites. All the dogs were killed at that time, and if a dog that was privately owned bites anyone and caused rabies, then the owner was heavily fined. Few other accounts suggest that other things caused it, but later studies revealed that animal bite was the biggest reason.

Type Of SymptomsTime After Bite For Symptoms to Show
Common symptomsOne month
Severe symptomsTwo to three months

Various symptoms are caused due to rabies. Common symptoms are observed one month after the bite. However, severe symptoms can occur after two to three months.

Why Does It Take That Long After Bite For Rabies Symptoms to Show?

Almost all the countries are affected because of rabies. India leads the charts with more than twenty-five thousand deaths from rabies every year. This number has increased many folds from the beginning of the 20th century because a law was passed, making it illegal to kill dogs in India. Australia is another country that majorly suffers from this disease. However, the health facilities of Australia are excellent, and as a result, the number of deaths is few. African countries also suffer huge losses because of the rabies virus. Mexico is the first country certified rabies-free as no rabies cases were observed in the past few years.

It takes that long for symptoms to show because the immune system fights the virus and tries to protect us from it. Our immune system tries to destroy the virus pathogens and remembers them not to get affected in the future. In a person who has successfully recovered from the virus, his immune system will remember the virus that affected it. Antibodies are protein-based elements found in the human immune system that help counter infections; when a person recovers from rabies, the body stores the antibodies specifically formed to fight the disease.

Rabies is certainly a hazardous disease, and proper precautions should be taken to prevent the disease from happening. In case of any emergency, medical guidance is required.


Rabies is a highly contagious disease and is deadly for the person it infects. The first instance of the virus affecting the human race was observed in 2000 BC, and this disease has resulted in many deaths worldwide since then. It is vital to stay away from stray dogs as dog bite causes Rabies very frequently.

On average, it takes one month time for common symptoms to show up. However, severe symptoms show up in two to three months. The immune system remembers the virus that enters the body and tries to fight it. Medical assistance is compulsory in case a person gets infected.


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