How Long After Cancelling BT Can I Rejoin (And Why)?

How Long After Cancelling BT Can I Rejoin (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At any time

BT is one of the leading broadband communication providers in Britain. It offers a range of broadband services including internet connection, telephone lines, landline connection, and mobile services. Initially, the company started out as a broadband and landline communication provider. But over the decades it has also diversified into the television service provision industry.

However, the market of television and broadband services is quite competitive in the UK. There are several other providers that offer a plethora of service packages that may be more conducive to a customer’s needs. In such instances, a person may opt to cancel a BT connection for another provider.

How Long After Cancelling BT Can I Rejoin

How Long After Cancelling BT Can I Rejoin?

There are multiple parameters to be considered when calculating the minimum time period of waiting experienced by a customer who has canceled his or her BT connection and later wishes to rejoin. The reasons behind doing so many also have a bearing on the most conducive answer the individual is seeking.

Theoretically, the company will allow its customers to rejoin immediately after they seek to cancel their contracts. However, this is a costly method since BT will charge an installation fee to restart the line. It is also quite uncommon for customers to immediately want the connection back after they have willingly terminated the agreement.

The more common scenario is that the customer will most likely want to rejoin BT as a new customer to avail of the benefits the brand provides to newbies. In this case, the person may have to briefly switch to a different broadband provider.

Most broadband contracts last for 12 months. This automatically implies that to rejoin BT as a new member you will have to wait for 12 months with a different provider. However, there is another caveat to be considered here. Customer can cancel their contract with other providers before the 12 month period to rejoin BT. However, this again will cost them money.

Generally, a year’s time is needed in between the time one leaves BT and then wishes to rejoin. The only prudent option is to avail of a different provider for a year and then if one is unhappy with their service, you can switch back to BT.

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In Summary:

Rejoining MotiveRejoining Time
As a Normal CustomerImmediately
As a New Customer12 months

Why Do You Have To Wait So Long After Cancelling BT To Rejoin?

The motive of canceling the connection and rejoining is important in understanding the gap between these two events. There is no company policy that prohibits old customers who had canceled their BT accounts from rejoining. However, the monetary considerations are most significant when understanding these timeframes.

Very few clients rejoin BT immediately after they cancel their contracts. This is because they have taken the decision to terminate the plan as a result of the high charge rates of the brand. If they decide to rejoin immediately they will have to not only pay for the termination of their contracts but also for rejoining. This is not a lucrative solution.

Alternatively, the 1-year gap allows customers to be reentered into the BT system as new ones. This allows them to have access to all the benefits or lower-priced plans that are kept aside for newbies. Thus, monetarily this strategy is better. Since most customers leave the service for this reason, it is only prudent to think that they would follow this strategy.

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Again, the 12-month gap is not one fixed by BT. It is the minimum contract period that is stipulated by other brands. It would make less monetary sense if the customer opts for another service provider but terminates the contract before 12 months to rejoin BT. This would cost him or her extra money in the form of cancelation charges.

If high charges are an issue, customers can try an alternative rather than canceling BT. They can try to call the BT broadband customer service hotline and discuss the possibility of dropping out. This helps in bringing down charges since the company does not wish to lose clients.


BT has dominated the broadband industry for quite some time. Although BT is one of the largest broadband companies in the UK, it has a high charge rate. Moreover, there are other service providers that offer better packages at more competitive price points.

Thus, customers try to find innovative ways of bypassing these high charge rates by abandoning the BT line and then rejoining as a new customer. One can officially rejoin BT at any given time after canceling the connection. However, to be treated as a new customer, you must rejoin after your previous 12-month contract has ended.


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