How Long After Eating Beets Is Urine Red (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within 12-24 Hours

The health benefits of beetroot are not unknown. And now that people have become health conscious, it has become a way more important part of the diet.



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This raw vegetable is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Consumption of beets often leads to redness of pee/stool which is sometimes mistaken as blood. For your information, this redness of pee/stool is completely normal and is called Beeturia.

However, one also needs to know that after how long the pee turn red and for how long will this redness last. This is because one is not used to seeing red coloured stool etc., which in turn may scare us if we don’t have the proper knowledge.

How Long After Eating Beets Is Urine Red

How Long After Eating Beets Is Urine Red?

The urine turns red mostly after it has been 12 hours or more after you have consumed beetroot. The time taken is this long because this is the apt time duration for the food to be absorbed in the digestive system.

If the colour of the urine changes somewhere before 12 hours or after 24 hours, there might be some issue in your digestion. Either the nutrients had not been absorbed or the digestion process is way too slow in this case.

But have you ever wondered as to what indication this changed colour the urine gives? This change basically means that there might be a chance of iron deficiency in your body.

If you are confused, notice some other symptoms such as hair loss, sudden mood swings, coldness, etc.

One more indication that the changing colour of urine gives is the presence of low stomach acid. The deficiency of low stomach acid makes the digestion process difficult and thus, the beetroot pigments are not properly absorbed.

This results in redness/pink colour of urine.

The pink color of beet is due to the presence of a compound called betanin. It gives beet (as well as urine, after consuming beet dishes) a reddish colour.

The compound travels in the body and is sometimes absorbed (or not absorbed) in the body. If not absorbed, it moves to the kidney ad is then flushed out from there.

Change of ColourTime
Urine colour change (normally)12-24 hours
Urine colour change (slow digestion)After 24 hours

Why Does It Take Urine So Long to Turn Red After Eating Beet?

Once the beet is in your system, it takes around 12 hours or above for the food/beet to be absorbed in your system. All the nutrients get absorbed In the body and as a result, you notice red coloured urine.

There is no need to be worried about this. According to various studies based on this, almost 15% of the world’s population experiences such an issue.

This condition is commonly known as beeturia. The color of the urine turns reddish or pink soon after consumption of dishes made out of beetroot.

And for your information, this condition of beeturia is completely normal.

Now that you know that the changed color of urine after eating beetroot is completely fine, you should also know about many of its benefits.

Beets are full of daily essentials nutrients such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and much more. You can not say no to beets.

They are known to improve blood pressure levels, hence reducing the heart disease risk. Consumption of beets enhances the better functioning of the brain and improves overall stamina.

And the next time you consume beetroot dishes or beet drinks, no need to be shocked upon seeing the red-crimson-colored urine/stool. It’s completely normal and harmless and happens after 12 hours of eating beets.


Beet is a vegetable that comes with numerous benefits. Not only does it help in case of high blood pressure, but also cures conditions of cholesterol and swellings.

As mentioned above, people experience the issue of reddish/pink urine after the consumption of beetroot. The coloration of urine takes place within 12-24 hours after consuming the beets.

There is nothing harmful in it. The intensity of colour of urine depends on the digestion process as well as the amount of water/fluids you consume.

And if the change of colour happens within 24 hours and after 12 hours, you should rather be happy that your digestion is perfectly normal.



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