How Long After Lemon Water Can I Eat (And Why)?

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Lemon is the best source of vitamin C and also vitamin B. It also provides minerals like magnesium and calcium to our body. Lemon is sour in taste. It also comes in the category of citrus fruit. It is a hybrid species. There are only two types of lemon which are as acidic and basic.

Lemon juice is very important for the body as it hydrates the full body and so purifies the body and builds up immunity. When in water if you add lemon, water’s vitality increases. This water travels deep inside the tissues and so the cells and carry the nutrients and compounds which are important to flourish in our body.

How Long After Lemon Water Can I Eat

How Long After Lemon Water Can I Eat?

It has been found that before the meal if anyone drinks lemon juice, then it makes the digestion of that person even worse. If lemon is added in slightly warm water and then drunk before breakfast, it is found to be good. Lemon juice is to be drunk in the morning before thirty minutes if you want to eat breakfast after that. Also, the best time is to consume it in the early morning.

To drink something like coffee or any juice you should have to wait for a little long time. You can also rinse your mouth so that no taste of lemon be present in the mouth and after that, you can drink anything.

Sometimes it is being said that you can drink or eat the food after 20 minutes of intaking lemon water. Also, you can have a gap of 15- 20 minutes after drinking lemon water. Also, you can have any type of tea after lemon water. It won’t be harmful. There is a mandatory gap of about half an hour for consumption of milk after you have finished drinking lemon juice.

Also, you can eat the fruits after at least 1 hour of drinking lemon water. And you can eat your lunch after three hours from the time you have taken breakfast after lemon water. If you want to drink tea after lemon juice then wait for tea till you have finished breakfast after lemon water.

Fruits1 hour
Milk30 minutes

Why Does It Take So Long To Eat After Lemon Water?

Lemon water is low calorie and refreshing liquid. So, the content it is having should affect the whole body and nurture the requirement of the body. Therefore, there is a gap taken. Also, another possible reason is the taste as we know if we drink lemon water after that we eat food or juice or milk even coffee, our tongue react differently. So, this much gap is required.

Few people drink lemon water to prevent constipation. So, they drink it in the morning. Some time is being required by the lemon water to react. Basically, drinking citrus (acidic) water before you are going to take food, triggers the acids produced in the stomach so that proper digestion can take place. So, a little bit of time can be consumed.

Lemon water reacts taking time. So, there are more chances of delay in the process. But lemon water can erode teeth if it is taken in large amounts. Since it hydrates the body so there is more action time taken by it. So, delay in food is required.

The problem of bad breath which is being caused by so many bacteria growing in the body is also being cleaned by lemon. As lemon is an antiseptic in killing the bacteria which causes bad breath. So, it might take time in doing work hence you have to stop taking the food for that period of time.


Sometimes lemon juice can cause heartburn. It can also damage the tooth enamel as it is corrosive in nature. It also causes cold to some people too. It is also being observed that if you are having sensitive skin then you can have skin problems due to this fruit.

Also, its importance is observed in weight loss, providing alkalinity to the body when more acids develop in the body, controls the bp problem, also it detoxifies and maintains body temperature. People suffering from digestion problems or problems related to the digestive tract can be treated with lemon juice very easily. Problems like constipation, nausea, etc. are being treated with lemon juice too.


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  1. This article offers valuable insights into the effects of lemon juice on the digestive process and the need for a time gap between its consumption and other food items.

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    1. Understanding the reasons for the required time gap after consuming lemon juice is integral to maintaining digestive health. This article sheds light on this aspect effectively.

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  9. The reasons for the time gap required between consuming lemon juice and other food items are well-explained. It is vital to maintain this gap to avoid digestive issues.

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