How Long After Offer Accepted To Get Mortgage (And Why)?

Exact Answer- It can take up to 50 days

For those who do not have any idea of what a mortgage is it is a type of loan from a bank or from any other financial institution. Now, such loans are mostly taken so that the borrower can purchase a home or any other valuable assets.  

The security of taking a mortgage is a home or any other asset owned by the borrower, if the borrower fails to give monthly dues to the lender, then the lender can sell the home that is mortgaged and he or she can regain their money out of it.

How Long After Offer Accepted To Get Mortgage

How Long After Offer Accepted Can You Get Mortgage?

How long after an offer can you get a mortgage loan?For up to 50 days
How long does it take to buy a house after an offer has been accepted?It can take between 12 weeks to 6 months

If you are looking for taking a mortgage loan then you should know that it consists of two main elements and they are: interest and principal amount. Here, the principal amount is the borrowed money that a borrower borrows from the lending person so that he can purchase any property or tangible assets. Now, the interest means that the lender charges some amount for the borrowed money. It is the cost that the borrower has to pay for borrowing the principal.

It is not compulsory to pay the borrowed money with interest at once, the borrower can pay the mortgage back at regular intervals or monthly. In the mortgage agreement, there is nothing but the payment is involved of how the borrower needs to pay it. If the borrower fails to provide the money on time then the home may be confiscated.


Additionally, your moneylender may collect asset taxes that are associated with your home as the monthly mortgage payment along with a little interest percentage. The lender will use this money to pay your property tax bills if he or she finds they are yet to be completed.

Why Does It Take That Long After Offer Accepted To Get Mortgage?

Now, after an offer is accepted to get a mortgage loan it can take up to fifty days or in a rare case longer than that. At this time the borrower has to arrange for a home inspection or any other type of inspection and keep in mind the result may vary.

Then after the inspection is done the lender will order an appraisal, and it is necessary that the home’s value should be equal to or exceeds the sales price.

As a buyer or borrower, you can make the whole process smoother make everything ready beforehand. It is very important that the borrower does not alter the financial situation during this period unless it is to maintain or improve it.

It does not always mean that the borrower is eligible or qualified to buy the home just because he or she has a pre-approval letter from the lender. An underwriter has the right to say the final process about the borrower’s qualifications and this takes place after the borrower has been pre-approved.


It also happens when the borrower might not end up buying the property if the appraisal is not high enough to justify the sales price. Unfortunately, the borrower gets no guarantee that the seller will agree to a lower price of the property just because the appraisal is not good.

Now, if your offer is approved by the higher authorities, you will have the great opportunity to inspect the home and have walkthroughs. In very rare cases, the seller may make the repairs free of charge before closing.


Taking any type of loan or mortgaging is not as easy as it sounds there are high risks in them. There are many and high chances where the borrower might get disapproved by the higher authorities. So, you should choose your mortgage loan appropriately and get to know what documents might be required after you have taken it.

Doing all such in advance will not only benefit the borrower but the lender as well and eventually, everything will go smoothly. Also, there are many types of mortgages do thorough research of which one will be the best for you and why.


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