How Long After Skyla Is Placed It Is Effective?

How Long After Skyla Is Placed It Is Effective?

Exact Answer: 7 Days

A majority of females use birth control pills or instruments to eliminate unwanted pregnancies in their early age of life or due to any other unavoidable reason.

Various women use contraceptives or birth control pills to manage unwanted pregnancies, on the other hand, some women use some kind of instruments to manage the same and those instruments are known as the Intrauterine system (IUS). These are the devices that are used to control unwanted or early-aged pregnancies, which has been proved many a time very useful.

How Long After Skyla Is Placed It Is Effective

How Long After Skyla Is Placed It Is Effective?

ObjectiveTotal Time
If it is inserted within the seven days of periods24 Hours
If it is not inserted during the seven days of periods7 Days

Intrauterine systems with progestogen are being sold under various brand names for so long and Skyla is one of the brands. It is an intrauterine device that uses to releases a hormone named levonorgestrel hormone inside the uterus.

It is mainly used for controlling birth along with heavy menstrual periods and is also used to prevent the excessive build of the lining of the uterus in those women who have undergone estrogen replacement therapy.

It is one of the most effective and successful forms of birth control as per the available data and with a failure rate of around 0.2%, which is too little to doubt even on this device. The device is being placed inside the uterus of the patients which lasts up to three to seven years. Once it is removed, fertility starts to begin again.

It is one of the devices which is in use for so long and doctors from all around the globe believe in it and this device has a higher success rate and lower side-effects rate, which gives the patient a sense of relief.

Why Does It Take That Long After Skyla Is Placed To Be Effective?

Every medicine takes its own time to show its effect, whether it is a medicine, device, instrument, or any other thing, it takes a certain time to show its effect on a human body. Just like any other device or medicine Skyla too takes its time to work on one’s body, to get settled into a female uterus so that it can work the best for the purpose it has been made.

Skyla has its variations of showing its effect on humans according to one’s condition in which they have taken Skyla.

When a female has taken the Skyla into their uterus while their periods i.e in between those seven days of their periods, then the Skyla starts showing its effect within 24 hours of inserting it into the body and if one has taken Skyla after their periods or at any day except those seven days of their periods then it takes a week i.e seven days to show its effect on to the body.

There is a medical reason that why an individual needs to wait for a certain period after the insertion of Skyla.

The reason behind waiting at least 24 hours after the insertion of Skyla is the risk of internal infection. The process of IUD insertion is a little unordinary as it requires a variety of instruments to pass through the vagina, cervix, and then into one’s uterus. It somewhere affects and disturbs a protective lining of all those organs which is called mucus, as if any kind of If the infection can get into your uterus, it can be very serious and harmful for the patient.


Controlling unwanted or unexpected pregnancies is very common in present times and it is somewhere appreciated and has contributed a lot to the nation by not letting unplanned population added to the entire data, even it is still prevailing. IUD is one of the safest and recommended methods to control unwanted pregnancies after contraceptive pills.

As contraceptive pills are only effective for a short duration or one-time intercourse but IUDs last long up to 7 years without creating any problems to the patient, which makes it way more comfortable for a person to go with, without any fear of harm.



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