How Long After Stitches Can I Take A Bath (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 days

When a person gets wounded, they are supposed to apply a bandage or cover their wound. However, when the wound soaks the bandage or in a case where a bandage is unable to cover up the wound, the person might have to get their wounds stitched. After getting a wound stitched, it is suggested that nothing should come in direct contact with the wound, not even water.

So, a person is supposed to avoid taking shower or a bath after they have stitches. In such a case, one may wonder how long are they supposed to wait before taking the next bath.

How Long After Stitches Can I Take A Bath

How Long After Stitches Can I Take A Bath?

Stitches can be applied to the human body in multiple cases. One, when a person gets wounded heavily they might end up getting stitches. Other than that, after surgeries also, a patient’s body is stitched. So, after the stitches, the doctors tell the patients when can they take a bath afterward.

After stitches, the wound is open. It is easy for outside particles to enter the human body and cause damage to it when stitches are applied. So to avoid any sort of infections, it is recommended that one should not let water or anything else come in contact with the stitched area.

Although no fixed time suggests that it is safe for a person to take a shower after stitches or surgery, still it is suggested that one should wait for at least 2-3 days before taking a light spray shower. Post two to three days from surgery or getting stitches a person can take have light spray shower to wash their body as hygiene is also necessary. However, to have a proper bath, one should wait for the wound to heal completely. One should not rush and put lots of water on their stitches which can result in several infections.

To avoid harming the wound, one can also apply a cloth or something else to prevent water from touching the wound. That way, they can take a shower with precautions that can help in preventing any harm or infections to the wound.

Removing Stitches
Type of BathTime
Light spray2-3 Days
Heavy bathTill the wound heals

Why Wait That Long After Stitches To Have A Bath?

As said before, after stitches, a wound is open and forcefully sealed by stitches. The stitched portion is a fragile area and is prone to infections. Yet stitches are unable to prevent particles like water from entering the body. If water or anything else comes in direct contact with stitched areas, it can cause infections and can cause several problems. Moreover, it can harm the wound and make it even worse than before. Henceforth it is recommended to avoid having a shower after getting stitches.

The wound takes time to heal. After stitches, the human body automatically starts to heal. Sometimes, some medications are also suggested to facilitate the healing of the wound. Usually, the wound starts to heal and shows significant healing within one or two days. After that period, it is safer for the wound to come in contact with little water. Hence, one can take a light spray bath or a light shower after two days of getting stitches.

Ice Bath

But even after a few days, the stitched area is fragile. That is why it is recommended that one should avoid taking a proper bath unless their wound is completely healed. In some cases, wounds heal much faster while the wound may take longer to heal in some cases. Anyhow, one should avoid making the stitched area wet to prevent infection. If a stitched area comes in contact with water by any chance, one should contact the doctor to prevent bigger problems.


In serious wounds or operations, a person may have to get stitches. Stitches are very vulnerable to infections. Hence, it is suggested that people with stitches should avoid having a bath. It is recommended that people with stitches can take a light sprinkle shower after two or three days of getting stitches. However, to get a proper bath, one should wait for the wound to be healed completely. One can always consult a doctor about when they can take a proper bath and according to the severity of the wound, doctors can recommend the best time to have a bath.


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