How Long After TKR Can You Drive (And Why)?

How Long After TKR Can You Drive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At Least Four to Six Weeks

Technology has developed a great deal since the Stone Age. In olden times, people found a few natural ingredients and mixed them up to get a few remedies. But, since then, the medical field has grown an exceptional amount. Medicinal surgeries and remedies are discovered every day. Doctors are trying their best to save every life they can.

There are many chemical and physical methods to cure ailments and illnesses. After every surgery or operation, you will be left with some symptoms and states. Some of these conditions might not let you carry on your daily activities, like driving, as you do always.

For example, you cannot drive your car or any vehicle after you’ve had a TKR (Total Knee Replacement).

How Long After TKR Can You Drive

How Long After TKR Can You Drive?

Name of the SurgeryDuration of rest after a TKR, before drivingFactors that decide the time for you to start driving againRisks of driving immediately after a TKR
TKR (Total Knee Replacement) surgeryAt least six to eight weeks. Some individuals report that they started driving after four weeks, but that sometimes might not be safe.The factors that decide the time at which you can start driving again include your physical fitness before and after surgery, Vehicles transmission, joint replacement type, and much more.Driving immediately after having a TKR surgery includes various physical complications that include pain and swelling. Even rejection of the implant, bone fracturing and infection can happen.

Many people normally confuse between TKR (Total Knee Replacement) and TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty. But, they are identical. TKR or TKA can be defined as the surgery in which the damaged bone and cartilage are removed. The healthy bones are left to support the new artificial joint which takes the place of the damaged knee joint. Artificial joints are made up of various parts.

The total recovery of the surgery can take up to six to twelve months, but your ways of pursuing your daily activities certainly vary. You will need to be extra careful after the replacement. There are many activities, which the orthopedics will advice you not to pursue for a while.

Total Knee Replacement

Many people who have undergone TKR have asked the same question, about when they will be able to drive after the surgery exactly.

The answer to this question is, you will have to wait at least six to eight weeks before driving your car.

Why Do You Have To Abstain Yourself From Driving For A While After The TKR Surgery?

Many people try to get behind the wheels in a short of four weeks. But, that depends upon your orthopedic’s opinion or your physical condition. If you had your TKR on your left knee, you will be able to drive in a couple of weeks. And even if you can drive, it is advised you can drive a car with automatic transmission, not manual.

In an automatic transmission car, the breaks and pedals work by themselves and don’t require knee work. But, if you own a car that requires manual transmission, you should keep away from driving for six to eight weeks at least.


If you get behind the wheel of a manual transmission vehicle, you will need to use your legs and knees more. This can sometimes cause severe damage. Many premium medical facilities advise you to check with your orthopedic before driving even if it is well after eight weeks.

Another reason to avoid driving immediately after TKR surgery is that, you will be put under light narcotic medication by your orthopedics. Driving with narcotics is ill-advised since it can be highly dangerous at times.


You must avoid driving vehicles after you have had a TKR surgery at any cost. But, if you face the utmost emergency, you can get a disabled placard or get any sort of assistance. If you don’t follow the doctor’s advice, you will feel pain and experience swelling.

If you apply pressure on your knees after, it might even cause bleeding, infections and the implant might even dislodge. So it is better to wait for at least six to eight weeks before you start driving again, for precautionary measures.


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