How Long are Student Loans Deferred (And Why)?

How Long are Student Loans Deferred (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Years

Nearly one-third of American students are opting for student loans deferment to pay out their education fees. Because during the deferment period the government takes the whole duty to pay the student fees and this deferment is more of a temporary postponement of interest repayments by the students.

How Long are Student Loans Deferred

How Long are Student Loans Deferred?

Many students would be in ambiguity in choosing a loan type to continue their higher education. Several banks offer different loans for students for their higher education and every loan has both advantages and disadvantages so, it depends on an individual in choosing the type of loan according to his/her financial conditions and their needs. The student loan deferment period can be more or less than 3 years.

The deferment option is very profitable to students because here, the interest rate includes only subsidized loans which are paid by the government, and at the end of three years of deferment, students need to pay the capital only for the unsubsidized loans. The interests are also less when compared to other loans.

If one chooses for making daily payments then the balance money that needs to be paid would be lower and so does the daily interest amount. Here is an example of how this entire loan system works, taking a loan total of 20,000$ and the Annual Percentage Rate(APR) would be 7% in most of the cases. So, the daily interest amount needed to be paid would be 5.70$ as the daily interest rate is calculated by taking the ratio of APR and 365 days which is 0.019%. But in deferment, the daily interest remains the same until he/she starts repaying the loan.

Loan TotalDaily Interest rateDaily interest amount3 years payment

It is seen that the repayment of the loan is 4.78 times lower than the total loan. So, one could handily pay off their loans by opting for deferment rather than Forbearance. Because in forbearance interest rates are higher.

The daily interest amount is lower due to APR. Annual Percentage Rate is the total sum generated of yearly payment that is collected from borrowers. Here APR of 7% is good enough and mostly applied to these loans and the daily interest amount is calculated which is lower.

Why is Student Loans Deferred so Long?

The period for deferment of student loans varies according to the purpose of the person. The idea of deferment is to give a particular period for students or jobless people so that they could be having space to work on arranging the money by getting suitable jobs and can be able to start paying off their loans.

This deferment system is not only helpful for students acquiring higher education but is also applicable for one’s cancer treatment in deferring payments of hospital bills for six months after the treatment ends. If you have a full-time job and earn less than 150% of the federal poverty level can also apply for loan deferment and can postpone their loan payments up to 3 years. People who were once drug abuse and wants to go to a rehabilitation center can also opt for a deferment so their payments are paused for a certain period.

The deferment period can also be prolonged if one is still not in a condition to pay interest in such cases one could go for Income-Driven Repayment(IDR) plan. In this one can pay the daily interests according to their daily budget plan that means based on one’s income so that they can slowly repay their loans.


In most cases, students who apply for a loan deferment pay the extra payments during their deferment period when they are having good savings. There are even other cases in which students after taking loans may not find a suitable job after three years. In such cases, they can prolong their deferment by taking the IDR plan. Generally, students who take loans for deferment refinance if they are having a steady job and good credit. Paying off capitalized interests is also another safety option that is considered. However, one’s attention and responsibility are very much needed while dealing with deferment and forbearance.


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