How Long Can A Person Live With Aortic Stenosis (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 Years

The brain and heart are the two most important organs in a living body. If one stops, the body suffers severely and it might even cause death. Both of them have several problems that can affect them. One of such problems is aortic stenosis. A person suffering from aortic stenosis has to face many complications in the body if it is not diagnosed.

If the person does not get diagnosed, he/she can only for another 2 to 3 years. Aortic stenosis is a condition where the left ventricle of the heart gets narrowed, thus reducing blood flow. The problem mainly arises around the aorta.

How Long Can A Person Live With Aortic Stenosis

How Long Can A Person Live With Aortic Stenosis?

Aortic Stenosis (Diagnosed)3-5 Years
Aortic Stenosis (Not Diagnosed)2-3 years

Living with any kind of heart problem without getting diagnosed is always discouraged. Aortic stenosis is a difficult condition and the person suffering has to face a lot of complications. He/she can lose consciousness at any point in time and have constant breathing problems. This all happens because of the narrowing as the blood is reduced.

If not diagnosed, it gets worse over time. The symptoms start to show more and the person may suffer from heart failure or chest pain. This can last for a couple of years before the person dies. It does not happen in an instant. Gradually over time the left ventricles narrow little by little and disrupt the blood flow throughout the body.

Due to aortic stenosis, the heart has to work harder to pump more blood. Any kind of stress or anxiety can be fatal in these situations. People with high blood pressure, facing this problem, have to follow a lot of rules and regulations. Aortic stenosis can be slowed and the narrowing can be prevented if diagnosed at an early stage.

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Generally, getting diagnosed or getting diagnosed at a later stage can cause death faster. Any kind of medical advice is crucial in this situation. Medications do not work in aortic stenosis and various test are required to take. Lastly, the longevity of a person completely depends on what stage is that person is and when he/she got a checkup.

Why Does A Person With Aortic Stenosis Live Long?

A person with aortic stenosis can long live but only in a few cases. Certain things are needed to be followed by the sufferer to live for a long time. To live longer with aortic stenosis, doctors keep a note of the sufferer and perform several tests and they are kept under constant monitoring. The doctor encourages the suffering to improve the condition of the heart by quit smoking, maintaining a proper diet, managing stress, etc.

Medicines are not enough to cure aortic stenosis. But there are a few cases where medications may be given to reduce stress and control the recurring symptoms. Operations are the best solutions in case of aortic stenosis. Studies have shown that aortic stenosis mainly occurs in old people whose age is over 65. The narrowing happens over a time span of decades.

Among the few cases of medication, which the doctor might prescribe, ACE inhibitors, Diuretics, and Beta-blockers are the most common. They mainly help to widen the blood vessels, slow down the heart rate and maintain a rhythmic beating of the heart. Diuretics on the other hand helps to reduce the fluids in the body and reduce stress on the heart.

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In case of operations, the sufferer may choose to replace the blood vessel with an artificial one or even use a catheter, which is threaded through the artery for better blood flow. As it mainly occurs in old people, they should regularly get checked up for longer and healthier life.


As mentioned above, aortic stenosis is not a sudden condition but takes a huge period to occur. Consulting a doctor regularly is always encourage to get news regarding any kind of disease. Not only aortic stenosis but any kind of heart disease is fatal to the body. Chain smokers and people with high cholesterol have higher chances of getting affected.

Having stress and anxiety is always discouraged. Exercising regularly is good for the health. Lastly, a mild attack may prove to be fatal and should never be looked over. This also applies in case of irregular symptoms in people of any age.



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