How Long Do Back Spasms Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Back Spasms Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 4 weeks

Back spasms would bring minor pain to the people. Someone would feel like something is pressing one part of the spine. Some people feel severe back spasms as a result of many other spine issues. People who have sciatica would feel the symptoms of a back spasm. The back spasm can go in 5 to 14 days for people with very low intensity of pain.

People who are facing high intensity of back spasms would have to wait for around 8 weeks to get completely recover. The person is supposed to take many medications that will help to reduce the pain. If the person is not able to sit or stand, then the intensity of the back spasm is very high.

A back spasm is a very dangerous health problem that would disturb the posture of the person. As it would not allow the person to do the movement correctly. Back spasm is mainly the result of muscle tightness that would not allow flexible movement.

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How Long Do Back Spasms Last?

Back SpasmsTime
Minimum time5 days
Maximum time8 weeks

Back spasm would be so severe in some people that it will not allow the person to move freely. Some people may experience back spasms for around 6 to 12 hours. The back spasms problem can grow if the person would avoid taking any treatment for it.

The recovery time for back spasms depends on the intensity of pain and the severity of the back spasm. Sometimes, the back spasms would affect the buttocks of the person. Nerve pain and numbness are quite common symptoms when the back spasms increase.

Stress is a very big reason for bringing the issues of back spasms. The stress and tension produced on the muscles of the person’s body would tend to cause back spasms. This is due to the reason that the tension on the muscles near the spine would start behaving differently. This muscle should get tight after losing flexibility.

Therefore, the person would not be able to do any physical activity freely. Overuse of muscles can also cause back spasms. Spinal stenosis is a very popular cause to host problems such as back spasms. The flexibility of muscles is vital for preventing back spasms. As flexible muscles would not get pressurized by stress or tension.

People who have lower back arthritis will experience back spasms with mild to severe symptoms. Incorrect posture is another problem that will be associated with the symptoms of back spasms. Physical exercises are always best to correct the posture of the person to help reduce back spasms issues.

The person can recover from the back spasms issues very early if they start the treatment during the initial stage.

Why Do Back Spasms Last This Long?

The lasting time of back spasms depends on the cause and treatment the person is doing for it. If the back spasms happen due to minor muscle tightness, then it would go in a few days. If the back spasms are symptoms of many other health disorders, then they would stay for a long time. Gastrointestinal issues may also host back spasms.

The person should talk to the doctor for finding out the treatment for the back spasms. Obesity or being overweight can be a big reason why the back spasms would not get recovered. People should try managing their weight for recovering from the problem of back spasms.

If anybody has bone-weakening problems, then the back spasm would get worse. Age is another factor for having back spasms. With age, the strength of bone gets reduced. The person with back spasms would not recover easily in their old age. As bone health in old age would start degrading.

Everyone trying to get over the issues of back spasms should try to avoid emotional stress. Emotional or psychological disorders or stress would increase the risk of back spasms.


The back spasms issues would decrease with correct medication and healthcare. The lifestyle of the person should be correct. People should avoid smoking for faster recovery. People should try not to follow incorrect posture while standing or sitting for hours.

The person with poor circulation will face more issues of back spasms. Everyone can follow a diet which would be great for bone and muscles strength.


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