How Long do College Credits Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Forever

Learning in the university is different from learning in other study levels like primary and high schools. In the lower levels of learning, a student is pushed to attend the classes and failure to do so he or she is answerable.

This is contrary to the university studies, where the student is not forced to attend the classes and lectures. Universities and colleges have placed some measures that will govern the attendance of the student. In higher learning institutions, there are certain hours for every course. These hours are known course credits or college credits. Let’s have a look at how long do the credits last.

How Long do College Credits Last

How Long Do College Credits Last?

College credits do not expire, and they can last as long as possible provided that the course is still being offered. The only time that the loans can expire is when the courses have been changed or have been transferred. Each session has got its credits that ought to be met in each semester. Specific hours are allocated for each course.

A student must ensure he or she attends the target percentage that is set by the institution. Some institutions have established that you should achieve at least 75% of the total credits. Failure to do so, you do not qualify to graduate for that particular course.

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In simpler terms, I can say that the credits of a particular course will last as long as is the course outline and the semester duration. When the semester ends, the number of credits that you have attained is calculated, and you can proceed to get evaluated for the course. If you fail to achieve the pass mark, you are subject to retake the course the following semester. That is why we say college credits do not have a shelf life neither do they have an expiry date.

Why College Do Credits Last This Long?

College credits do not expire, and they can last as long as possible because of the following reasons:

The courses rarely change. In a university, there are various courses ranging from social sciences, health sciences, agriculture, education, applied sciences to engineering courses and other courses.

All these courses have some standard course units that every professional of that particular field should go through. Since the units are the same, it means that the credits of that course will last forever maybe until the course undergoes some changes.

To avoid inconveniences, in a university, there are limited classrooms that might not fit to accommodate all the students at one time. That is why each course has got its specific hours. If it is four hours a day, then there will be the right timing of classes as the time is known by everyone. As the college credits remain the same for a more extended period, it means there is no need to keep on scheduling classes every semester. This will help to reduce inconveniences to the university and improve them in proper planning for the college/university activities.

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