How Long Do Growth Spurts Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Day To 1 Week

The human body goes through hundreds of miracles in its lifetime, and the changes can happen anytime during a person’s whole lifespan. One of the best miracles is growing. People get bigger and bigger every day and nobody notices the growth. One can only notice large levels of change, not millimeters or centimeters, only feet.

Sometimes, sudden changes can be noticed, which are known as growth spurts. Some signs will help the parents to know if the baby is growing and developing on schedule. The babies suddenly start growing at large levels, and this can cause signs and symptoms that are highly noticeable.

There will be changes in the behavior of the baby, and emotional changes too. How long a growth spurt lasts depends on various factors. Normally, growth spurts can be very short, but they can last longer too. It is normally short in infants, but growth spurts are longer in older children. The difference between the multiple phases of growth spurts cannot always be noticed.


How Long Do Growth Spurts Last?

All about growth spurtsTime
The minimum duration of growth spurts last is about1 to 2 days
On average, growth spurts last for3 to 5 days
The maximum duration of growth spurts last is about6 to 8 days

At first, the baby will fuss a lot and will eat more than it does. When this happens, it is normally followed by growth spurts that can either last for days or weeks at times. Sometimes the growth spurts happen after the baby starts feeding heavily, but sometimes it can also happen while the baby is feeding heavily.

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Normally, an average growth spurt lasts for about three to five days and growth spurts last for a minimum duration of one to two days.

Growth spurts don’t last longer than a week, but if it does, the child must be taken to the hospital to be checked out. The baby tends to put weight, grow in centimeters and even start exhibiting new skills that the parents didn’t know they already had.

Growth spurts happen when the child is two weeks old, followed by three weeks, six weeks, three months, and six months. Every child is completely different, so the phases can change quite a bit.

Why Do Growth Spurts Last That Long?

Growth spurts can happen anytime, and the phases can be identified by noticing the baby’s sleep schedules, and specifically the behavior. The baby will be insatiable and will eat and feed around the clock. When the baby is going through a growth phase, it should be breaded properly, and extra milk should be provided. The baby will sleep for longer durations and snuggle more. The baby will be very fuzzy, irritable because it will be constantly hungry.

A breastfeeding mother should also eat healthily. The parents should be very patient because the baby will be very irritable and the weight will double up.

The baby will also experience being uncomfortable. When a parent doesn’t notice any of these symptoms, the baby’s clothes will not fit, which will be a clear sign that the baby is growing.


There are only a few things a parent can do when the baby is going through growth spurts. They can help the baby seep, and when it wakes up at night, the parents must be sure that they wake up and take care of the kid. Kids get hungry every 2 hours and it is better to pump or make an extra ounce of milk or formula.

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On average, before the first year, the baby will gain about 10 inches, and the bodyweight will triple. There are charts and articles from the facts collected by popular health organizations like WHO and CDC. To conclude, growth spurts vary from child to child and the parents should keep an eye on the babies.

Some don’t eat, some never stop eating and the same goes for sleeping. Babies like a soothing touch or voice, so cuddling them or reading them their favorite book in a calm voice can help them deal with their irritability. After the growth spurt phase gets over, the baby’s appetite and behavior will go back to normal.



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