How Long Does A 1000 Piece Puzzle Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 30 hours

The time taken by people to complete a 1000 piece puzzle would be around 10 to 30 hours. There are many things that would affect the time length to complete the puzzle. The hand speed, mental ability, and dedication would predict the time length to complete the 1000 piece puzzle.

The beginners may find it tough to complete the 1000 piece puzzle. There are some tricks that the person can use to solve the puzzle faster. The jigsaw puzzle could be solved in just 10 hours if the person would be able to set all the pieces in the correct manner. Everyone can distribute the similar-looking color pieces of the puzzle together.

How Long Does A 1000 Piece Puzzle Take


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How Long Does A 1000 Piece Puzzle Take?

1000 Piece PuzzleTime
In hours30 hours
In minutes1800 minutes

People who have practice in puzzle solving may complete the puzzle before 30 hours. The long puzzle would be quite confusing as they come with 1000 puzzle pieces. Therefore, everyone should start with organizing the puzzle pieces. Then people should try to set the edge pieces of the puzzle.

As it would be easier to guess the middle part of the puzzle if the edge is done properly. The edges of the puzzle would give a clear idea about how to set the middle area of the puzzle. The bold objects should be done before the large and color sections. Everyone should keep the difficult areas for the end as they would take much time.

The jigsaw puzzle is renowned for improving the cognition of the person. The visual-spatial reasoning of the person can be improved after solving the 1000 piece puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle is linked with the sharp brain. People with a sharp brain would be able to complete the puzzle faster.

The children with good mental speed would complete the puzzle in just 10 to 20 hours. The children with less mental speed would take more than 20 hours to complete the jigsaw puzzle. The people after solving the jigsaw puzzle may see short-term improvement in the memory of the person.

A jigsaw puzzle can be solved by children or people of any age. The children may require the help of their parents to understand the concept of a jigsaw puzzle.

Why Does A 1000 Piece Puzzle Take This Long?

The jigsaw puzzle is designed to engage people for a long time. As they contain 1000 pieces of puzzles that would not get solved in one single day. It emphasizes improving the hand movement and mental health of the person. The jigsaw puzzle contains pieces that are of the same shape. The letters would be visible on the backside of the puzzle.

The letters would be repetitive in many pieces and the person should place the similar letters together. If someone is not willing to follow any trick, then they can just accept the challenge without any guidance or help. People who are going through anxiety or stress can solve the 1000 piece puzzle as it would help to stay mentally healthy.

People who have dementia should solve the 1000 piece puzzle for feeling better. The jigsaw puzzles may also help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s as it is great for mental health. The people who have solved the jigsaw puzzles multiple times would be able to solve the puzzle in just 10 to 15 hours due to practice.

If someone has a good memory, then the person can solve the 1000 piece puzzle in just 10 to 20 hours. People who are good at organizing would be able to solve the 1000 piece puzzle in just 15 to 20 hours. Dedication is a quality required for solving the jigsaw puzzle in a short time.

If someone has no patience, then the person won’t be able to solve the puzzle before 30 hours.


Everyone can solve the jigsaw puzzle in 10 to 30 hours depending on their mental ability and dedication. The experts can solve the puzzle in 5 to 10 hours due to both practice and knowledge about the puzzle structure. The beginners may face difficulties in solving the puzzle if they are trying it out for the first time.

Everyone can start with beginner’s puzzle games before jumping into the jigsaw puzzle. People who want to develop mental health should try to solve the jigsaw puzzle within 10 to 20 hours.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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