How Long Does A UTI Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 To 2 Days

Many individuals are living in our surroundings. Some are helpful, and some are not. Many individuals who can not be seen in the naked eye are called microorganisms. 

Some of them are bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Some of them are very dangerous and cause harmful diseases like UTI. UTI is an infection caused by a bacteria termed E.coli, and it affects the digestive system of the individual’s body. 

It is commonly seen in females. Bladder infection is termed cystitis. It is arthritis for the urethra. It is pyelonephritis for the kidney.

How Long Does A UTI Last

How Long Does A UTI Last?

ProcessTime Period
UTI treatment24 to 48 hours
Healing time 1 week

A common infection in the urinary system is known as UTI. It affects the urethra, uterus, bladder as well as kidney. There is a specific term for each infection. 

The infection lasts for one to two days, but in case the kidney is affected, it takes one week to resolve. From the entire population, it is commonly happening in women and less in the case of men. About only two percent of children are affected by this infection. 

From a survey, it comes to the knowledge that in each group of five females one person is affected by this disease for a lifetime.

About eight to ten million people have to suffer from this disease. In the case of females, the urethra becomes shorter and very close to the anus, where E.coli bacteria is present. Every ninety percent of UTI cases are happening in the bladder, or other words, the bladder is getting infected in most of the UTI cases.

Sometimes it happens due to incomplete emptying of the bladder. Many people think that it does not cause any problem, but as a result, they have to suffer from this infectious disease. The people who are suffering from UTI frequently, doctors recommend low-dose antibiotics so that in the future no more chance of UTI anymore.

There are many types of tests to diagnose UTI. The symptoms are pressure in the lower pelvis, painful urination, blood in urine, pain in the abdomen, abnormal urine, pain in the penis, vomiting, pain during sex, etc. UTI can be transformed into a kidney infection.

Why Does A UTI Last For So Long?

Nowadays, this is a severe problem in society. People are taking it lightly and do not care about these infectious diseases. Doctors are suggesting that it needs proper treatment. 

If the treatment is stopped in the future, it may cause a severe problem for the patient. Antibiotics are some preferred medicine in this case.

Antibiotics are mainly used for this treatment. It plays an essential role in this treatment. Antibiotics are used here to kill the bacteria and to fight against the infection. Antibiotics take quick action against this disease. 

An overdose of antibiotics can lead to serious problems like antibiotic resistance infection.

There is a myth about this infectious disease that drinking cranberry juice can cause a decrease in the chances of UTI. However, it does not have harmful effects. It is only a myth. Scientists are still trying, but they don’t have any particular answer about it.

Doctors have to wait, and after identifying the symptoms, they have to start treatment. It is easy as well as complicated. Sometimes in a complicated case, antibiotics don’t work, in this case, medicine is a direct injection to vervain, and treatment is started.

Urinalysis and urine culture test gives the result and identifies whether UTI is favorable or not. It works only in the case when UTI is not so severe. When it is tough, to get the most accurate result, doctors suggest ultrasound, CT scan, etc.


People have to change their lifestyles to control UTI. Females have to take proper care of their hygiene during menstrual flow to avoid infections because it is common in women. It is a common problem in teens to neglect the water.

UTI is a common problem in females as well as males. There are high chances for females due to changes in pregnancy and physiology.

Many people are hospitalized in hospitals for many more days. The moist condition of the hospital increases the chances of UTI. In diabetic patients, there are high chances of infections due to up down in blood level. 

People have to take care of health hygiene, and a balanced diet is essential.



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