How Long Does Dizziness Last After BPPV (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around Five Minutes

BPPV stands for Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, and it falls under the category of disorders which is caused in the inner parts of the year. It is not a very common disorder for young people or those aged below fifty. However, the disorder is mainly observed in people falling in the age group of fifty to seventy.

Most or not, the disorder is caused to older adults commonly. But this disorder can also result from an injury in the head or a heavy blow on a person’s year. In case it happens naturally, then there are no particular reasons behind it. It is just believed that the body becomes weak as a person grows old, and the disorder is observed because of it.

How Long Does Dizziness Last After BPPV


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How Long Does Dizziness Last After BPPV?

It is believed that BPPV is a medical condition that has been occurring for a very long time. However, the first instances of the disorder were informed in the year 1921. It has been found out that approximately two and a half percent of the total population suffer from this disorder at least once in their lives. Patients who are eighty years or older have increased chances with ten percent population suffering from it. Studies have suggested that this disorder is more likely to occur in women than women as the number of women is double that of men.

Various signs indicate that a person is suffering from BPPV. Paroxysmal signs occur for a concise duration of times, lasting for seconds to a few minutes, but they can recur more frequently. Sometimes the disorder is also caused due to change in position while sleeping or resting as excess pressure is applied to one part of the body. Nausea in older patients might well be a reasonable cause of this disorder. Vomiting is also considered to be a symptom of this medical condition.

Events After BPPVTime For The Event
UnconsciousnessFew minutes
DizzinessFive minutes

As soon as the episode of BPPV occurs, a patient loses consciousness, and it can be harmful to the patient. It is advised to hold the patient while such as episode occurs. These episodes last for a few minutes. It is normal to feel dizziness after an episode, but it lasts only for five minutes.

Why Does Dizziness Last That Long After BPPV?

Most patients who have had this disorder or people who have seen this disorder from a close state mostly start shaking their bodies violently in all directions. It is a condition in which the patient has nit control over their body, and it keeps on shaking for a long time. It is always advised to hold a person undergoing such an episode firmly so that the shaking doesn’t injure. Also, the person should be kept in an open environment so that a sufficient amount of oxygen reaches the patient’s body.

Multiple treatments are recomende3d to overcome this medical condition. For immediate effect, various medications and drugs can control the episodes for an extended period. However, these are not permanent. Medication is also advised as it helps the brain gain more control over the body, ensuring that such an episode doesn’t occur.


It is normal to feel dizziness for that long because the person doesn’t have much control over the body, and the body is also weakened after an episode. The patient must rest after getting such an episode. It is advised to give the patient food rich in all the nutrients and contains several vitamins and minerals. In case of any medical emergency, medical guidance is a must.


Finally, it can be concluded that BPPV is a severe medical condition, which can be very harmful to a patient. This disease doesn’t frequently occur in young people but is a pervasive disorder in patients falling between fifty to seventy. Women are more prone to this medical condition, and approximately 2.5 percent of the population faces this disorder at least once in their lives.

On average, dizziness lasts for approximately five minutes after an episode. However, these episodes can be recurring, and it is advised to visit a doctor for treatment. Proper medical measures can help in fighting this disorder.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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